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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"


There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you. I explain in the "Long Introduction to Moon Astrology" the basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares & the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you.


Moon Astrology explains that "Timing is Everything" - "When you do things at the right time - because you're in a good mood - you will have success" - and if you attempt to do anything when you're in a bad mood - you'll have problems. Understanding Moon Astrology and which StarSign the Moon is in - and - the Moon's positive aspects - informs you of "when that right time is for you".


Moon Astrology defines receiving the feelings that you need to feel in order to get your life right - to - become SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY with your LIFE. You weren't born to be SAD - you weren't born to be depressed - you weren't born to FAIL.


You're living in the BEST karmic generation of all time - the BEST time to be alive on Earth to be SUCCESSFUL and "GET-IT-RIGHT" is 2019 & 2020. But - in order to be 100% SUCCESSFUL - you need to be 100% certain about the way you feel. You need to see the TRUTH - and - you need to feel the TRUTH.



Monday 11th Nov'19 - Leading to Full Moon in Taurus

Natural Human Instinct for - Love - Excitment - and - "Life"

Audio for Monday 11th Nov '19

Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio

Audio for Tuesday 12th Nov '19

Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio


Each year there's a Full Moon in every StarSign - the most powerful astrological day of every Month. Each Full Moon has a specific message - and - due to the strength of the astrological Zodiac year 2019/2020 - each Full Moon will be STRONG.


This year's Full Moon in Scorpio is exceptionally STRONG - as - it's defining long-term stability for everyone. Which means - everything that is not going to be part of your future will have to go - and - everything that is going to be part of your future will have to come-into your life.


The "human" experiences of life - defines that sooner or later - everything changes - and - sooner or later - "YOU GET IT RIGHT". No-one is born to be a failure - no-one is born for stagnation of a dead-boring life - EVERYONE is born to live the life you're destined to live - and - that means feeling ALIVE.


Unfortunately, "idiots" who live in a logical world - "idiots|" who don't use their emotional feelings - are ignoring a MAJOR part of their lives. Hence, at "Full Moon's" even people who seem to be "dead" are awakened with EMOTIONS.


The reason I say this is that the Sun in Scorpio defines MAGNETISM and CONNECTIONS to everyone who is GOOD for you - and REPULSION and DISCONNECTIONS to everyone who is BAD for you - even though you should have got "it" already - most people will only get "it" at the Full Moon.


Whatever "it" is - Sun in Scorpio will reveal "it" all to you - at the Taurus Full Moon on 12th November 2019 - you'll see clearly what "it" is - AND - soon you must make a decision about - and - depending on whatever is WRONG with your life - defines - how BIG a dramatic change you make.


At the Full Moon - everyone on Earth will be energized by Sun in Scorpio - OPPOSES - Full Moon & Uranus in Taurus - by definition the PHYSICS of OPPOSITIONS defines - Earth comes inbetween the Sun and Moon & Uranus - to magnetize - to energize - to show clearly what you need to see - to reveal the TRUTH to you - in order for you to move-into a zone of long-term stability for the next 7 years of your life.


Monday 11th November 2019

Moon enters Taurus - 00:00am Europe - 4:30am India

10am Sydney-Australia - [Sunday 11pm UK - 6pm USA EST]

Moon 4° Taurus conjunct Uranus [retrograde] 4° Taurus


Tuesday 12th November 2019

Moon 15° Taurus sextiles Neptune [retrograde] 15° Pisces

Moon 16° Taurus trines Saturn 16° Capricorn

Moon 18° Taurus opposes /opposes Mercury [retrograde] 18° Scorpio

Moon 19° Taurus opposes /opposes Sun 19° Scorpio - Full Moon

Moon 21° Taurus trines Pluto 21° Capricorn

Full Moon 19° at - 2pm UK - 3pm Europe - 9am USA EST

7:30pm India - [Wednesday 1am Sydney-Australia]


Wednesday 13th November 2019

Moon enters Gemini - 9am UK - 10am Europe - 4am USA EST

2:30pm India - 8pm Sydney-Australia


Thursday 14th November 2019

Moon 15° Gemini squares Neptune [retrograde] 15° Pisces

Moon 16° Gemini opposes /opposes Venus 16° Sagittarius


Friday 15th November 2019

Moon 26° Gemini opposes /opposes Jupiter 26° Sagittarius

Moon 27° Gemini trines Mars 27° Libra

Moon enters Cancer - 4pm UK - 5pm Europe - 11am USA EST

9:30pm India - [Saturday 3am Sydney-Australia]


I should add that the purpose of the Full Moon is to define what's 100% RIGHT for you - and - what's WRONG too. What happens next is defined by how entangled and connected you are to other people.


"Some" of you will need to wait until Moon enters Gemini - which will put everyone in good mood to communicate - and - which will force some people to talk - because - the only way "they" will be able to solve their problems is by talking - the only way to get out of bad situations is by communicating - the only way to move forwards is by communicating.


Moon in Gemini will be VERY VERY VERY BUSY in a GOOD way - and - VERY VERY VERY ARGUMENTATIVE - arguments are in order to BREAK-FREE from NEGATIVE situations - so be prepared !


Moon in Gemini will be POSITIVE for LOVE - and - NEGATIVE for HATE - the purpose of which is to get you connected to GOOD people - everyone on-your-side and on-your-wavelength - and - SET-YOU-FREE from anyone who is bad for you. It will be a really enjoyable good transit - full of good news !



Tuesday 12th November 2019 - Full Moon in Taurus

Making an important change because "it" is right for you

Full Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus defines major changes in sync with a new phase of life




12th November: Full Moon in Taurus

Audio Version #1 for Full Moon - Tuesday 12th Nov'19

Audio Version #2 for Full Moon - Tuesday 12th Nov'19

Audio Version #3 for Full Moon - Tuesday 12th Nov'19



Taurus Full Moon will be "doing" something for everyone

Full Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus defines major changes in sync with a new phase of life

Full Moon in Taurus trines Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn - destined stability

Full Moon in Taurus - defines - Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces


There will be 3 versions of what Sun in Scorpio - with - Full Moon in Taurus will be doing for everyone. You'll know which category you are - and - hence - you'll know what to expect between anytime from 8th November - energizing and being completely in your life.


Events and coincidences - moving things out of your life - moving things into your life - the Full Moon in Earth Sign of Taurus - will be "yoga of karma" events will create REAL LIFE "movement" and changes in your life - in sync with your destined destiny.


Unlocked at the Full Moon - irreversible feelings and strong emotions will propel and motivate you to do whatever life needs you to do - until at least 30th November 2019 [or until 24th December] - or until you've arrived at your destined destination of long-term stability.




[1] The 1st Group of people - [as explained on Audio Version#1] - are people who RECEIVE and must WAIT for things in life. You're the type who must WAIT UNTIL others - come-to-you - and - WAIT UNTIL destiny comes to you. You're inclined to be more "feminine" and "refined" in your attitude to life.


The 1st group - trust in life - trust in destiny - and - you believe that sooner or later things will change - hence - you're patient and wait for things to happen. You could be compared to a shop-store owner - you've got your doors open to business - you've got the display of your goods for everyone to see - and - then - you WAIT for people to be attracted to you - you WAIT for destiny to happen to you.


The Full Moon is your date-with-destiny - "kick-off" for a NEW beginning of ACTIONS and CHANGES - as you'll be attracting things to happen for you - to you and to ensure you get your destiny. More than likely - you could say that "NOTHING" has been happening - and - then suddenly from now onwards - EVERYTHING will be happening.


The Full Moon will be removing "garbage" from your life - will be setting-you-free from negative situations - AND - unlock the doors for something POSITIVE and DESTINED to come-into your life. Depending on how "dead-boring" your life has been - will define how much needs to change - how much must change - and - how many things will be happening to put your life back-on-track.




[2] The 2nd Group of people - [as explained on Audio Version#2] - are people who PUSH - who pursue - who go looking for things - who are more "masculine" StarSigns - who are aggressive - demanding - wanting and "needy" for action.


"Masculine" StarSigns hate rejection - and - yet get rejection most of the time. "Masculine" StarSigns hate to have their ambitions and plans blocked. Now you could be a Feminine StarSign but have in some areas of your life - a "Masculine" aggression of wanting what you want and "pushy" in your nature to get it.


Unfortunately for you - if you're attempting to pursue or to hold-onto anyone or anything that is not-your-destiny - then - the Full Moon of truth will be a Full Moon of REJECTION. The Full Moon will say - "NO-NO-NO" - you can't have something that's not yours to have.


The Full Moon will ensure you don't give-up. The Full Moon will motivate you - to go looking even more for what's right for you - but - if you've been holding onto to something which is WRONG for you - then - you will be forced to let-go of it before you can pursue what's RIGHT for you.


The Full Moon of REJECTION for the "masculine" pushy and somewhat "selfish" StarSigns - is merely - saying that you need to work-with other people - you need to understand what is RIGHT for other people - and - you can't inflict your selfishness on other people's lives.


The Full Moon of REJECTION is saying there are LIMITATIONS and BOUNDARIES - and - you're not allowed to interfere with other people's destiny. The events and "falling-apart" of anything that isn't right will be unfolding from now and until end of December 2019 - and - it will be impossible to hold-onto anything that's not yours to have - so - LET-GO of it !




[3] The 3rd Group of people - [as explained on Audio Version#3] - are people who have had a START-AND-STOP since September 2019 - you're the type who is easily influenced by the energy around you - easily influenced by your mood - easily influenced by other people.


Hence, all the POSITIVE changes have happened because you were connected to GOOD people - and - your life felt ALIVE and HAPPY. And all the STOP energies were created because you weren't connected to other people - and - life seemed "DEAD" boring. Your START-AND-STOP was created because astrologically it was START-AND-STOP for you - and - let me add - there isn't anything wrong with you!


From now onwards - from the moment of the Full Moon - and - until end of December - it will START and be NON-STOP - all the way to your destination. This means that you're going to be having - CHOICES - and - DECISIONS to make - to ensure you get to your destination.


You see the STOP energies are blockages - and - whoever or whatever creates that "STOP" energy will become clear to you - and - you'll be forced to do something about allowing the blockages to get in your way. The good news is that you'll see clearly the flow of good energy - will ensure you won't get distracted by "idiots" or "nonsense" anymore.


For some of you - it will be like a LIGHT being TURNED-ON - and the power of success and happiness will ensure you stop wasting time with anyone or anything that isn't giving you energy. In the audio#3 - I compared it to - watching TV instead of living life; whilst TV and movies are entertaining - they're a compensation for - they're a fill-in for - they're a distraction for - REAL LIFE.


Living your REAL LIFE - talking to REAL people - loving someone in REAL life - doing something that requires PHYSICAL movement - is much more energizing that sitting dead-bored and watching TV. The truth is when you're so busy - you've got no time for TV. Events from now and until end of December 2019 - will ensure you're grounded in real life - to be connected to REAL people - and - do whatever life wants you to do in REAL LIFE !



9th-12th November: "MAJOR KARMIC DATES-WITH-DESTINY" - as you'll see in the next few weeks Next Months Astrology - Sun in Sagittarius - of the "Once-a-lifetime major change - from - 10th November => 14th December 2019 - the beginning is now - you'll see clearly - SOMETHING SMALL CHANGE and SOMETHING BIG will be CHANGING. You'll be awakened to BELIEVE in life again. Instead of being "DEAD-BORED" - or - being in GIVE-UP mode - you'll become awakened.


Now - the moment when SOMETHING MAJOR BIG CHANGES is when you totally BELIEVE in life again. You'll be BURSTING - full of life-energy - you'll be AMAZED by the BIG changes - and - you're now 100% totally excited by the possibilities for your future - because - you're realizing that - SOMETHING EVEN BIGGER thanBIG is about about to happen - even more than has already happened.



I explained - on Month's Astrology - that - we're in the zone of being AWAKENED - Sun-Uranus opposition - means - being SET-FREE from anything BAD for you - being SET-FREE from the negative situation you've been in - during the past 12 months [or even during the past 7 years] - being SET-FREE so that you can live the life you're destined to live - and - not do anything you're not destined to be doing - being SET-FREE so that "you" can be "you".


The BEST part of the TRUTHFUL feelings will be feeling 100% - in sync with the TRUTH and being connected to everyone on-your-wavelength - who is truthfully tuned-into your feelings - because - destiny has given them the sensitivity to be tuned-into you.


You see - if "someone" isn't able to "think" of you - or - be "tuned-into" you - it defines that destiny hasn't given them the gift to be able to "think" on your wavelength. And is indicative that you're not supposed to be connected. Accept the truth and be open to someone who is on your wavelength.


I should add that MANY PEOPLE in the world - and - for you, for me and for everyone any DISHONEST and BAD facets of your lives will be falling-apart by the Full Moon on 12th November - as Sun-Uranus opposition will be doing a lot work on rearranging everyone's lives for LONG-TERM stability.


"Everyone" will be SET-FREE from bad relationships and will want HONEST and TRUTH - hence - you'll see "someone" special will want you - as you too will want "someone" special. Long-term stability - means - "Someone" you can trust. "Some" will need you as you will need them. "Some" will desire you as you desire them. Scorpio-Taurus Magnetism means "instinctive and natural human attraction".


An important point to note - is that - between now and the powerful Taurus Full Moon - EVERYONE who is GOOD for you - quite remarkably you're going to be feeling STRONGLY attached to them - even STRONGER than usual - that's because the magnetism of attraction to all GOOD people - all people on-your-wavelength - all people you're destined to be connected to - and - all trustworthy people who give your life STABILITY - is the definition of this year's "Sun in Scorpio".

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