The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

"השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף - Astrological Energies transcending from the Infinite Outer Ether are Infinite in their Power"

The Journey of Life - "You always get to the destined destination - even on the pathway you choose to avoid it"


World-Wide Astrology Predictions for the

Transformative Karmic Years 2017 => 2020

Written by the author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or The Book of Stars of Light Spiritual Astrology

and "The Month's Astrological Events" & "This Years Astrological events 2017"

"This Weeks" Planetary Movements & Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה


The Outer Planets - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto

The reason for the need to explain 2017-2020 in advance is that some people feel that the end of their lives is coming ...

The truth is - everyone will be having "something" BIG that will end - and - "something" BIG and NEW that will begin ...


Saturn starts the year 2017 at 21°22' Sagittarius

6th April 2017 - Saturn goes retrograde at 27°48' Sagittarius

26th August 2017 - Saturn goes direct at 21°11' Sagittarius

20th December 2017 - Saturn enters Capricorn

18th April 2018 - Saturn goes retrograde at 9°09' Capricorn

6th September 2018 - Saturn goes direct at 2°33' Capricorn

18th April 2018 - Saturn goes retrograde at 9°09' Capricorn

6th September 2018 - Saturn goes direct at 2°33' Capricorn

30th April 2019 - Saturn goes retrograde at 20°31' Capricorn

18th September 2019 - Saturn goes direct at 13°55' Capricorn

22nd March 2020 - Saturn enters Aquarius


Uranus starts the year 2017 at 20°34' Aries

3rd August 2017 - Uranus goes retrograde at 28°32' Aries

3rd January 2018 - Uranus goes direct at 24°34' Aries

15th May 2018 - Uranus enters Taurus

8th August 2018 - Uranus goes retrograde at 2°34' Taurus

8th November 2018 - Uranus retrogrades back into Aries

7th January 2019 - Uranus goes direct at 28°36' Aries

6th March 2019 - Uranus re-enters Taurus

12th August 2019 - Uranus goes retrograde at 6°37' Taurus

11th January 2020 - Uranus goes direct at 2°39' Taurus

16th August 2020 - Uranus goes retrograde at 10°42' Taurus


Neptune starts the year 2017 at 9°44' in Pisces

16th June 2017: Neptune goes retrograde at 14°16' Pisces

23rd November 2017: Neptune goes direct at 11°28' Pisces

19th June 2018: Neptune goes retrograde at 16°30' Pisces

25th November 2018: Neptune goes direct at 13°42' Pisces

22nd June 2019: Neptune goes retrograde at 18°43' Pisces

28th November 2019: Neptune goes direct at 15°56' Pisces

23rd June 2020: Neptune goes retrograde at 20°58' Pisces

29th November 2020: Neptune goes direct at 18°10' Pisces


Pluto starts the year 2017 at 16°57' Capricorn

21st April 2017: Pluto goes retrograde at 19°24' Capricorn

29th September 2017: Pluto goes direct at 16°51' Capricorn

23rd April 2018: Pluto goes retrograde at 21°17' Capricorn

1st October 2018: Pluto goes direct at 18°45' Capricorn

25th April 2019: Pluto goes retrograde at 23°09' Capricorn

3rd October 2019: Pluto goes direct at 20°38' Capricorn

26th April 2020: Pluto goes retrograde at 25°00' Capricorn

5th October 2020: Pluto goes direct at 22°29' Capricorn


Awakening to Your Truthful Karmic Destiny


From the astrological timetable of outer planets - you can see that OUTER planets of Pluto in Capricorn - Neptune in Pisces - Uranus in Aries leading to Uranus in Taurus - Saturn in Sagittarius leading to Saturn in Capricorn are actually in place and moving into place at the moment and will be in perfect place between 2018 => 2024 - for a time of harmony, destined destiny and stability in the world. Over the next 2-3 years until 2019 - it's all going to be working on everyone and will be waiting for YOU to be ready to ACCEPT their energies and the necessity to change.


The astrological "work" began in November 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn , in January 2012 when Neptune entered Pisces and in March 2011 when Uranus enters Aries - and whilst each facet appears to be slow - the good news began and there's no going back to pre-2008 - as each outer planet will create an intrinsically better quality and more meaningful life - as opposed to pretending to make "life" better in an artificially superficial way that was defined in the "past" generation through selfishness, waste and meaningless illusionary nonsense between 1995 - 2007.


Depending on your own age and your ability to change - there will come a gradual enlightenment - that will begin when you find out the karmic truth relevant to your life - that "something" you believed-in was a LIE - something you had and used which was bad for you because it diverted you from being the best version of yourself - and therefore the elimination of that superficial facet will make you eliminate everything that's superficial in your life to actually make your life intrinsically much happier. It is like a light going-on which gets brighter and brighter - ensuring all "darkness" is eliminated.


The shock of specific profound truths to your reality will OPEN you, AWAKEN and ENLIGHTEN you to question every other facet of your life - and make you wonder - is that a LIE too? The quest and search for TRUTH will then lead you to your karmic destiny that the outer planets have defined for each and everyone on Earth.


You'll realize it clearly in 2016 and 2017 - and even more clearer in 2018 and 2019 that the simpler your life is - the better the quality of your life and the less waste and more respect you'll have for the gift of "life" - will redefine your life with quality instead of quantity - quality of more profound and meaningful the truthful moments of your life instead of quantity of nonsense.



Karmic Expansion of Mind and Thoughts

The Mysteries and Secrets of your Life are being revealed ....


The ancient hebrew saying of "השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף - Astrological Energies transcending from the Infinite Outer Ether are infinite in their power" - is so true - as I honestly agree with this 2000 year old principle and mean it truthfully - because over 2000+ years - it's proven the continuity of life and proves that life will continue to continue until the karma is complete. It shows that although we think "everything" is contained within the planet Earth - the truth is our life is sustained by energies that transcend from the infinite outer ether.


Unfortunately narrow-minded people - especially creepy fear-mongering doomsday prophets together with fake man-made religions with small "closed" minds who believe in a confined limited world of GREED and SELFISHNESS - have defined an inbuilt LIMITATION and restricted belief-system that creates fear - hence the reason they can't comprehend that there's an infinite amount of energy nor can they accept that the DIVINE GOD is infinite.


Eventually as "they" are exposed for the liars they are - humanity will see the TRUTH and realize that there's infinite amount of energy that transcends to sustain and influence everyone on Earth. If you ask anyone to quantify - "how much love is there is the world? The answer is INFINITE as - love continues to be created from nowhere each and everyday...."


When the Sunshines - you don't stop to think - that the sun is shining for the other 7 billion people on the planet and the billions of animals, plants and trees that are all absorbing the Sun's energy - all you think of is a limited feeling of "it's a nice sunny day". Astrologically - there's infinite amount of energy transcending and it's far greater than any human could ever imagine - that's because human minds have been limited in their capacity.


During the past few years - especially through the power of the karmic gift of the internet - people's minds have been OPENED creating an EXPANSION OF MIND - and people can now comprehend MORE than they did 10 years ago. During the next few years - a bigger opening of people's minds will take place - as everyone will sense and become spiritually enlightened.


This expansion of mind and thoughts has needed to be gradual - because humanity couldn't withstand it quickly. Destiny has defined that NOW is the time that spiritual secrets need to be and must be revealed to humanity in order for people to able to become WHOLESOME - and the slow process of expanding one's mind will show humanity the reasons - especially as mysterious and karmic secrets of life will be explored, revealed and "found".


The truth is the mysteries and secrets have always been present - but it has needed the right karmic and destined time before they can be revealed and most importantly for humanity to be READY TO ACCEPT them. It is karmic to have clarity that your mind can EXPAND and THINK - it's a bad luck and bad karma to be "closed" and refuse to think. Lucky for all of humanity that good karma is in abundance for everyone everywhere in the world.



The Outer Planets - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - 2017 => 2020

The journey to destined destiny and stability from 2018

Saturn in Capricorn - Uranus in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn


The reason for the need to explain 2017-2020 in advance is that some people feel that the end of their lives is coming ...

The truth is - everyone will be having "something" BIG that will end - and - "something" BIG and NEW that will begin ...


The truth is it's the end of an old phase and beginning of a new phase

"Change" will be essential for everyone ... which many have begun already


It's not coming to "an end" - but in the same way that the 4 Midlifecrisis astrological energies affects everyone - likewise - since 2013 and until 2020 specific karmic changes will continue to affect everyone - until you realize what you need to do - what you should be doing and what your purpose is in the new phase of life.


You see - for example - would you go to the post-office to post a letter anymore - ofcourse not - you'd be STUPID - because you can send an email - you can even send photos by email - and it's received immediately - anywhere in the world - so you simply wouldn't be STUPID to do what you would have done 20 years ago. Likewise, in every aspect of your life - life has changed - you've changed - everyone's changed too - and therefore - defining your life today by what you would have done 10 years ago and by what you wanted 10 years ago is STUPID !


It is going to continue to feel like Midlifecrisis mode until 2020 - and in fact - it's been feeling like Midlifecrisis since 2011 - as explained fully below - Midlifecrisis is - either - when realize everything you wanted you'll never achieve - or - everything you've achieved you don't want. Midlifecrisis is an awakening when you realize with honesty that you need to and must change the course of your life. The awakening makes you realize that you're on a pathway you don't want to be on and you must break-free from the dead-end pathway you're on.


Indeed - the awakening you'll get will be out of maturity and growing-up - so naturally - you will look at the way you've behaved and look at some of the things you've done as being "STUPID MISTAKES" - that's OK to accept that - because we've all made stupid mistakes - it's part of growing-up to recognize what's right and wrong.


Hence, the reason for the need to explain 2017 - 2020 in advance is because many of us will feel that the end of life is coming - the truth is - it's an end of an old phase and a beginning of a new phase - and none of us will have a choice - as "change" and adapting to "change" will be essential for everyone.


What needs changing, how you change and when you change will be defined by the 4 planetary aspects of outer planets and when it touches your astrological chart - it will also be defined at what needs changing in order for you to be the best version of yourself. You see - astrologically the outer planets are preparing each of us to be the BEST version of ourselves to be karmically wholesome. That means HEALING every facet of our individuality.



Saturn in Sagittarius


Astrologically the configuration of Saturn in Capricorn - Uranus in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn from May 2018 is the perfect combination - however whilst Saturn is in Sagittarius leading to Saturn in Capricorn - it has destined work to be done. Saturn in Sagittarius - has the destined purpose to work on all relationship issues - how each of us deals with, interacts with, understands and comprehends OTHER PEOPLE.


Saturn in Sagittarius is the destined cohesive force ensuring everyone has relationships, everyone works on their relationship issues and everyone is connected to everyone you need to be connected to - in order to fulfil your destiny. You see - Saturn in Sagittarius - defines the only reason you're alive is so that you have real relationships with other people - and - thereby your personality grows and you become a better version of yourself because of your interaction with other people.


Growth is defined by working with other people because you accept and understand them - more importantly - because you accept and understand yourself - and be yourself. Once you've got to the right destined relationships then you're ready for Saturn in Capricorn. The journey to get you there will be a STRONG journey from November 2016 => December 2017 - although many of you have begun it as far back as September 2015 when Saturn entered Sagittarius.


The energy of Saturn in Sagittarius is genuine happiness , life vitality and vibrancy as it's a FIRE sign energy - happiness being connected to the right people creates HEAT from within to energize everything in your life. Indeed Saturn in Sagittarius is a time of great friendships, harmonious vibrancy and lots of good fortune - optimism with an inbuilt need for expansion and growth via being connected to the right people for you.


Saturn in Sagittarius says when you've got the right people in your life and your in harmony with them - then your aura is alive - then your karmic good luck is unlocked. It's all about OTHER people - people who define who you are - and - the meaning of your life. The most positive side of Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure destiny will make sure you're connected to the people who are truly good and destined for you. If you've got blockages in your life - then the answers are to be found in your relationship sector of your life.



Saturn in Sagittarius - Healing relationship issues


This does NOT mean you have to call and contact all your ex's or everyone in the world who hates you - because - Saturn in Sagittarius defines it is YOUR aura that needs healing. When you face the truth of life - that you attracted each of the relationships into your life to teach you a karmic lessons about yourself and heal your own self - then as soon as you learn the lesson - forgive them - heal the tension - then the negativity that sits in your aura and the negativity that is creating blockages in your life will vanish - that's when you'll unlock the karmic reward that Saturn in Sagittarius will give you.


Saturn in Sagittarius - defines WHOEVER it is that you're thinking of or having problems with - is a definition of what needs healing in yourself. If they're not "thinking" of you - or - being nice to you - maybe it's a reflection of you - have you not been nice to other people?


All the answers are in front of your eyes - all you need to do is step-outside yourself and look at life from their perspective - then you see - maybe they've got a valid point. Often the reason why we get continually hurt by certain types of people is because life is trying to send us a message to CHANGE.


For example, if everytime you go to a "place of worship" of religion - you get a bad vibe - then there's something unresolved in your aura that is letting you get the bad vibe - because if it was truly resolved - you'd feel nothing - and the "place of worship" like walking in a boring museum - you'd feel nothing. When you "think" of your ex's - if you get bad vibes - defines unresolved relationship issues - Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure you face the negativity - to make sure you heal your own aura.


Don't worry - you won't have to call any of them - that's not necessary to HEAL yourself. It merely needs you to be honest with yourself - to realize that THEY came into your life to teach you lessons. Everyone of us attracts people into our lives for a reason. People with whom we have no karmic attachment - we have no feelings nor bad vibes - whereas everyone who gives us bad vibes means we have unresolved issues.


Let me give you example - when you HEAR that someone you hated or someone who hates you - has just died - you feel something STRONG - like the unresolved karmic relationship. They're not alive anymore and yet you feel something. Imagine - everyone who gives you BAD vibes has just dropped-dead - that thought makes you "think" of them differently - doesn't it ?


Everyone you've attracted into your life - everyone you get BAD vibes from - is in your life for a reason. Heal it and let it go. The moment you've done it - you'll feel relieved and feel nothing "bad" towards them. Saturn in Sagittarius - wants you to be connected to all the people right for you - but if you've still got bad connections - then inexplicable negativity and blockages will need to be healed before you can move-on.


Saturn in Sagittarius - will be challenging for everyone - because we all have relationship issues - it will especially challenging for people on the transit of 1st and 2nd Saturn return - that's when transit of Saturn conjuncts your Natal Saturn - so if you were born between January 1956 => January 1959 - or - born between November 1985 => November 1988 - the Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct your Saturn.


Destiny is asking you to meet yourself - and meet all the people you've met in your life and HEAL your aura. Saturn in Sagittarius - means being HONEST with yourself - and realizing you met all the people in your life to teach you karmic lessons about people and about yourself - lessons you can only learn because you're alive and have feelings.


I always define RELATIONSHIPS as the best things that happen in life - because without people in your life - you don't become the best version of yourself - even the BAD RELATIONSHIPS - teach you a lot about people and about yourself - but you shouldn't be damaged forever just because you once had a bad relationship.


Relationship issues are always invisible energies - because it always creates STRONG invisible feelings. It is these invisible feelings that need healing and it is something you can do all by yourself - by thinking of them and healing your mind. I always thank - all bad people - as messengers to guide us away from them - if they'd been nice - you'd want to be connected to them. So look at each as a blessing for being the way they've been - and - look at everyone you meet in your life as a person who is speaking to your aura.


If you walked the streets, grocery stores and shopping malls and saw NO-ONE - your life would be empty. Everyone needs to be amongst other people - even if they don't speak to you and you don't speak to them - your aura is being spoken to and your aura is speaking to the world. Saturn in Sagittarius means you'll feel GOOD when you're in the right place with right people and you'll feel BAD if there's a problem that needs fixing.


By the time Saturn enters Capricorn in December 2017 you will be in the right place with the right people - you will be the BEST version of yourself - created by good people in your life bringing out the best in you as you will bring out the best in them.



"Saturn in Sagittarius & Pluto in Capricorn"

"Some" people feel - the world can't exist without them

The combination of Pluto in Capricorn & Saturn in Sagittarius means lessons for humanity - we all need other people

We are all alive because of your destiny you have to live for other people - you become yourself thanks to other people


Life is about a collective cohesion between groups of people. Leaders are only leaders because they've created a collective cohesive energy via a group of like-minded people - when leaders forget that it's people who made them leaders - they're forgetting why they exist and put them into positions of leadership.


Indeed, each of us too - when we forget that LIFE IS A GIFT given to each us - when we forget who has made us into the person we are - then life can become fragile - as - life wants to remind us to be grateful with appreciation for the GIFT OF LIFE. Life wants to remind us that we are all in "transit" to a destination - a journey created via the interactive energies of other people in our lives.


Due to Pluto in Capricorn since November 2008 - karma of life is showing each of us that - life is fragile - and the gift of life can be taken-away at any moment. Pluto in Capricorn is talking to all leaders and all people who believe that they're so "in control" and so "important" to the world - Pluto is taking-many people out of this world.


The truth is that Pluto in Capricorn wants to teach each of us the karmic lesson to APPRECIATE the GIFT OF LIFE. Saturn the ruler of Capricorn wants to teach each of us that it's impossible to live without other people in your life - the best transformation can only be created via other people who bring out the best in you as you will bring out the best in them.



MidLifeCrisis is when your life appears to fall-apart

Midlifecrisis is either when realize everything you wanted you'll never achieve

or everything you've achieved you don't want


Midlifecrisis is an awakening when you realize with honesty that you need to and must change the course of your life

The awakening makes you realize that you're on a pathway you don't want to be on and you must break-free

Everyone survives the Midlifecrisis - but life is always different afterwards ......


The midlifecrisis astrological energies always appears to make people's lives fall apart - and - sometimes you can loose everything - I did - I lost everything - but the purpose was to have a fresh new start. The purpose is not to destroy - the purpose is to ensure you get it right - for stability of your future.


The outer planets create MAJOR changes in our lives - and whilst sometimes those changes happen slowly - many of the changes - happen suddenly and quickly - over a period of 1 month - as it creates a MAJOR change - that's why it's called "Midlifecrisis" !


During each MAJOR change - it will unlock a lot of energy to ensure you have the strength to get through what you need to get through - and - ensures you get the answers you need to move-forwards. Outer planets in these karmic years of 2008 => 2024 - especially between 2016 => 2020 - are teaching each of us that life is precious and life must have meaning - life wants to remind us that we are all in "transit" to a better destination and that nothing stays the same forever - especially things that we know aren't right.


It never makes sense WHY certain things happen and WHY big changes suddenly come - but it's an astrological fact of life that between the ages of 29 => 60 - everyone experiences at least 4 BIG moments of life-changing consequence.


The ongoing problem's that happens for some people - after their BIG crisis moment - is defined by - resisting and fighting the destined changes that life wants to create. The purpose of each of these Midlifecrisis moments is NOT to crush anyone - the purpose is to set you free from a life that's wrong for you and guide you into a life that's right for you.


The purpose of these 4 Midlifecrisis astrological aspects is to ensure you stop living a life that's STUPID for you to live - and - begin to live a more meaningful life. Indeed, I'll be honest - looking back in hindsight - it's been brutal - but - the end result is WONDERFUL and HEALTHY in more ways than one.


When a marriage or relationship ENDS - it is painful - but when you see - how it liberates you to set your free - to find yourself and find who life has prepared for you - then when you arrive at the time when you can look-back - you'll realize with truth WHAT A BIG BLESSING the disaster was. "What a big blessing it was that you've been saved from something wrong" will be the end result of the changes and transformation.


For example, NONE of us complains that we don't have to send letters in the post anymore - or - NONE of us complains that we don't have to take pictures on a camera with film - get them developed and printed - and spend money of doing so !


We accept it's modern life to email - to take digital photos on the phones we have - even able to listen to music on our phones. The transition was indeed VERY PAINFUL for everyone in the postal services and in the photographic business - but in hindsight - it was inevitable and necessary for progress.


Likewise - you too - think of it all - as PROGRESS - the quicker you accept and adapt - the quicker you get through it all - and move-on to the destined destination that life has planned for all of us. I'd say that Midlifecrisis is facing the TRUTH - and - you can only deal with the TRUTH when you're ready. Humanity is indeed much wiser now than it has been - humanity is now ready for the TRUTH.



MidLifeCrisis is when see the Truth

Midlifecrisis is another way of saying - see the truth - face the truth - deal with the truth - the truth will set you free


Although it's midlife - anytime between the ages of 29 => 60 - it can happen anytime - it's a sense of being ready to deal with the truth - accept the truth - adapt to the truth - and - move-on forwards. Prior to the age of 29 - most people are adaptable - when they see an answer is NO - or - something is blocked - they accept it easily.


ACCEPTANCE is an essential part of dealing with the TRUTH. And the refusal to ACCEPT changes is reason why people get "stuck" and "frustrated" is because they're refusing to accept the truth. When relationships fall apart because one has gone-off with a new lover - it's a truth - that is sometimes very difficult to accept - but the sooner you accept it - the quicker you too can move-on.


The 4 major astrological aspects of midlifecrisis are in fact supposed to be LIBERATING and HAPPY aspects. So the happier you are when it happens - the happier you are because you're embracing the changes - the more you're in sync with exactly what life wants you to be.


When you embraced your digital camera, iphone and emails - you didn't even think how much money it would save you in postage and film for your camera - and yet it's changed all our lives for the better. We should be feeling LIBERATED AND HAPPY that karmic gift of technology has changed our lives.


The TRUTH sets us free - whilst I admit that initially the TRUTH can hurt - it's only natural to feel the pain - especially when you believed in something and then found out it was a LIE. It makes us feel STUPID - but - that's part of growing-up. To experience a lie - to find the truth - and - then to set yourself FREE - is truly liberating.



The biggest problem is loosing ambition and faith

An indication that you're going through a Midlifecrisis is that you've lost ambition and faith in life that good things are still to come...


You see - your mind has been conditioned from an early age to want something - with a goal and ambition - it's the goal that you set yourself and you're determination to get it - is why you achieved it. The problem comes is that you've arrived and you're not happy with what you've got.


Midlifecrisis could be when realize everything you wanted you'll never achieve - or more than likely - it is defined by everything you've achieved you don't want anymore - it doesn't do it for you - it's empty and meaningless.


That should not mean you give-up on life - it merely means you've been STUPID and IGNORANT to want something "stupid" and meaningless. Do you remember as a child or teenager how you had an obsession to want something - and - then when you got "it" - you were really disappointed - you see as a child you ACCEPT it - but as an adult - people find it difficult to accept it.


Instead of falling-apart - the best therapy of healing is CONFESSION to yourself - that you've been STUPID and IGNORANT to want something "stupid" and useless - then you reset yourself to being YOU.


I always compare life to a computer that needs a complete RESET to it's factory settings or an iPhone or iPod that needs a RESET / RESYNC with the working and functioning version of itself. You too - have a version of yourself that works - but life is showing all of us that we need a RESET to a version of ourselves that is the TRUTHFUL version of ourselves.


When you've found yourself - that's when you'll unlock - what works for you and what doesn't work for you. When you've found yourself - that's when you will come alive again with vitality and energy. You see these 4 strong Midlifecrisis energies that create BIG changes - means - all you need to do is see what needs changing - see what direction your life needs to take - and then you will UNLOCK the full potential that's sitting within you.


When you computer or iPhone freezes - you don't throw it out - you simply press RESET - RESYNC - and then it all gets restored - you might loose some of the garbage that created the problems - but - you will NEVER THROW it out - you simply make RESTORE.


Likewise you too - when you get the moment of dead-end - all you need to do is realize you've gone along a dead-end pathway - now is time to RESET and RESYNC your life with the true real version of yourself. Find yourself by going-backwards and realizing what's been wrong and what's been right in your life - what's created success in your life and what's created failure in your life - and then - use all your wisdom and experiences to get "it" right.


The destiny of the Outer Planets - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - 2017 => 2020 is a transformative journey to destined destiny and destined stability for everyone. Hence that means if your life is UNSTABLE at the moment - then something will be changing. The good news is that you will arrive at your destined destination sooner or later - and thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius until December 2017 - you will do it via really good people in your life.


However, you should remember that good people in your life should be TWO-WAY relationships - if you don't respect them - if you don't care for them - if you don't give them any positive energy - as you want them to care about you - you will loose some of your friends. Indeed Saturn in Sagittarius defines relationships - the people who are genuinely good for you - as you are genuinely good for them.


I have to add that unfortunately the "internet" creates a world of ONE-WAY relationships - were people take from others and give nothing in return. That too is a karmic lesson - so if you've become an "internet" addict that just takes from the "internet" and gives nothing back - then you can expect to learn about "relationships" during Saturn in Sagittarius - as you too will change and learn to give to others as they give to you.



Never give-up - there's always continuity to life

If you're in a state of frustrating stagnation and at a dead-end - stop complaining about it - get yourself out of it .....


I once had a reader who lived in a house worth over $600,000 - all she did was complain how she couldn't sell her house and how difficult her life was - she was complaining that nothing good was happening in her life. Ofcourse - we can all see the obvious - "sell the house at any price - get out of it - if it's so bad for you". Unfortunately people are stubborn - they've themselves stubborn and fixed - refusing to change. Hence they inflict their own pain.


I had another reader who's husband was constantly mean to her and forgot her birthday for 3 years - until - finally she realized the she needed to make a change and divorce him. I'm sure many of you - would have dumped the grumpy mean man after the 1st birthday he forgot !


I had an Indian businessman who hated his business - always complaining about the hard-work he had to do - and he never liked the people who worked for you - so destiny - took the business away from him. It happened because his aura and mind wasn't happy with his business.


If something in your life isn't RIGHT - then you know it's not right. The midlifecrisis moments suddenly and always arrive - defined by astrological SQUARES and OPPOSITIONS of outer planets - when you wake-up and realize that you can't take it anymore.



At a dead-end - search for the way-out

The way forward from a dead-end is to reset yourself to become alive again and to be connected to everyone that makes you feel alive


The truth is that was taking years to arrive at the moment of a dead-end - so it shouldn't be such a BIG surprise when it happens. Even if it comes as a surprise to you - it has been in the process of happening over many years. The process is to show you the dead-end and then liberate you from something that's WRONG and BAD for your future. So when it happens - you should be delighted and feel totally liberated it's finally happened.


The key is to NEVER GIVE-UP having faith that the same way a BIG SHOCK has happened - then - a BIG SURPRISE will happen - to liberate you from the negativity and create a stable positive phase of your life.


When you feel STUCK in a negative situation - when you feel you've arrived at a dead-end - the only way out is to keep moving forwards. Find a way - there's always continuity to life - there's always an answer - there's never a dead-end - so keep moving - the internet has lots of answers.


Indeed - the truth is you've searched and found this website and you're reading this to inform you that you're not at a DEAD-END - so listen to advice of someone who has been through lots of changes - and that's keep moving. The 1st step forward is to follow the pathway of what makes you feel ALIVE - and keep away from anything that makes you feel DEAD. The answer is found from WITHIN you of what makes you come ALIVE - but to find it - you're going to have to THINK with clarity.


Often people make the stupid mistake of thinking of the negativity instead of finding a positive way out. Like a Dr acknowledges the illness - the Dr doesn't keep on talking about the illness - the Dr works on finding the cure - finding the positive answers is what you need. So whatever trouble life is giving you - it's the illness - not the cure - your midlifecrisis is telling you to search for the cure.



Fears of a dead-end & end-of-the-world is an illness

The cure is to feel alive with optimism

Collectively everyone everywhere in the world will be experiencing transformation - searching for "cure" for humanity


Whilst "some" idiots still believe the only answer is WWIII and an end-of-the-world - the truth is humanity is being driven forwards to find the answers - instead of creating more problems and instead of complaining of the situation - the outer planets - will ensure everyone concentrates on finding the cure instead of creating the illness.


The illness is defined by something that's not right - something that's wrong - something that makes you feel your life is a dead-end - whereas the cure is defined by something that's right - something that gives you hope for the future - something that makes you look-forwards with happiness - something that makes you want to live life with an aliveness.


Indeed, the World - Mother Earth - will appear to be going throught it's own Midlifecrisis - which will awaken all of humanity to face the truth - that some things are unacceptable and wrong - some things will have to be faced and confronted - some things in all our lives will have to be changed.


The quicker we accept the need to change - the quicker we change and adapt - the quicker humanity gets the cure and begins to live with optimism instead of continuing along a pathway that's creating the illness and pessimistic fears of end-of-the-world.



We've all been through a midlifecrisis

Your choice to come out of it happy or grumpy!


Unfortunately, so many people get so hurt by the inexplicably strong aspects that are forcing changes that some people get stuck into a negativity that sends fixes them into a life of being grumpy and miserable forever. But - there's no need for sadness - when you realize that life is giving you a new life. It can only give you the new life when you've let-go of the old life. Being liberated in your mind is all you need to do.


There's a lot of people who go through a traumatic midlifecrisis will an illness - the moment they get cured - they come-out of it with a joy of life - a sincere happiness to be alive - and - a gratitude for the gift of life. Hopefully, you won't have to through that - but the end-goal after any midlifecrisis - is to be a different person and appreciate the gift of life.


We've all been through something BIG during midlifecrisis - everyone gets something - it's fact of life - and - on the other side is a much better quality of life - true happiness - acceptance and appreciation of the truly good things in life - whilst simultaneously it creates a sense of honesty - hopefully you'll say - "I was so immature and silly - because prior to seeing the TRUTH that I've seen - I was stupid and ignorant". Thereafter it is the power of truth and honesty that will set you free and ensure you stay of the pathway of freedom.



Follow the pathway of what makes you feel ALIVE

And keep away from anything that makes you feel DEAD.

It sounds obvious - but many people get STUCK in negativity that they forget to move-forwards towards a new life ...



The 3 Midlifecrisis Astrological Aspects

The 3 Midlifecrisis astrological energies - affecting everyone sooner or later ......

Everyone survives the Midlifecrisis - but life is always different afterwards ......


1. Transit of Pluto squares Your Natal Pluto - currently affecting everyone born between 1972 => 1984

2. Transit of Neptune squares Your Natal Neptune - currently affecting everyone born between 1970 => 1984

3. Transit of Uranus opposes Your Natal Uranus - currently affecting everyone born between October 1968 => September 1975



It's complex because it depends on all your planets

and on whether your Sun & Moon is affected too

Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn are currently affecting everyone.....


I'd suggest you study your chart and realize what is being affected by the 4 outer planets of Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn - because each planet is affecting and will continue to affect you UNTIL you realize the message it has for you - and UNTIL you change what life is asking you to change.


The energy of the planet won't go-away until you deal with it - and life will ensure everyone deals with it. It started as far back as 2008 for the Pluto aspect - and for Uranus and Neptune - it started in 2011 - if you've had no changes since then - then soon - between 2017 => 2020 - you will be having a BIG change defined by each of these planets ....


Saturn in Sagittarius - from September 2015 => December 2017 | Saturn in Capricorn from December 2017 => 2020

Uranus in Aries - from March 2011 => 2018 | Uranus in Taurus from May 2018

Neptune in Pisces - from April 2011 => 2025 | Pluto in Capricorn - from November 2008 => 2024


The strongest moments will depend on your own circumstances and astrological chart - but it's clear that between 2013 => 2020 - everyone will experience 4 major changes in your lives. Some of the changes you'll love and will appear to be miracles - whilst other changes will challenge you - until you change.


The most remarkable destined events will be created because suddenly you'll wake-up and see something with a truthful clarity - that will make you say "oh yes - now I see life clearly" - and - it make you know exactly what to do next - but if you need some help to understand when these moments will happen - why not ask me ?





The Astrological Midlifecrisis moments defined ....


1. Transit of Pluto squares Your Natal Pluto


Pluto in Leo 1936 => 1958 - thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius - trine - your Pluto you're changing and loving letting go of the "past"

Pluto in Virgo 1958 => 1972 - period of stability began in 2008 and will continue until 2024

Pluto in Libra 1972 => 1984 - BIG transformation is happening and is painful for all stubborn people refusing to grow-up

Pluto in Scorpio 1984 => 1995 - transformation is happening and is all GOOD for you - growth and good changes

Pluto in Sagittarius 1995 => 2008 - thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius - you're growing-up and loving it all - defined by good relationships


Pluto square Pluto creates the MAJOR life change affecting everyone born with Pluto in Libra 1972 => 1984

but Neptune square Pluto, Uranus opposing Pluto & Saturn conjunct Pluto also define strong changes



2. Transit of Neptune squares Your Natal Neptune


Neptune in Virgo 1928 => 1943

Neptune in Libra 1943 => 1956

Neptune in Scorpio 1956 => 1970 - easy to accept the truth - even laughing at seeing the truth

Neptune in Sagittarius 1970 => 1984 - Neptune square Neptune currently having dreams and illusions shattered as seeing reality

Neptune in Capricorn 1984 => 1998 - easy to accept the truth - easy to let-go of lies - and - move-on to something new

Neptune in Aquarius 1998 => 2011


Neptune square Neptune creates the major change of finding the TRUTH - affecting everyone born Neptune in Sagittarius 1970 => 1984

but Pluto square Neptune, Uranus square Neptune & Saturn square Neptune also define strong changes



3. Transit of Uranus opposes Your Natal Uranus


Uranus in Aries - April 1927 => March 1935

Uranus in Taurus - June 1934 => May 1942

Uranus in Gemini - August 1941 => June 1949

Uranus in Cancer - September 1948 => June 1956 - - having Uranus square your natal Uranus is forcing you to change

Uranus in Leo - August 1955 => August 1962

Uranus in Virgo - November 1961 => September 1968 - had your "midlifecrisis" between 2003 => 2011

Uranus in Libra - October 1968 => September 1975 - since 2011 and until May 2018 experiencing a BIG "midlifecrisis"

Uranus in Scorpio - September 1975 => November 1981 - will begin your "midlifecrisis" in May 2018

Uranus in Sagittarius - November 1981 => November 1988 - you're having a lucky period when good things are coming to you

Uranus in Capricorn - February 1988 => January 1996 - having Uranus square your natal Uranus is forcing you to change

Uranus in Aquarius - January 1996 => March 2003 - you're having a lucky period when good things are coming to you

Uranus in Pisces - March 2003 => March 2011

Uranus in Aries - March 2011 => May 2018



Uranus opposing Uranus is the MAJOR unexpected midlife change - affecting everyone born with Uranus in Libra - October 1968 => September 1975 - additionally - it is affecting Uranus in Cancer - September 1948 => June 1956 and Uranus in Capricorn - February 1988 => January 1996 - due to the fact that Uranus in Aries squares your natal Uranus.


As Uranus square Uranus, Neptune square Uranus & Pluto Square Uranus are also strong changes of creating changes

And for readers with Sun in Libra, Sun in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn - you've had or having an additional Midlifecrisis between March 2011 => May 2018.




The Outer planets Pluto & Neptune explained

Pluto in Capricorn

The Transformative Pluto in Capricorn Karmic Years Began in 2008

Pluto in Capricorn from January 2008 => March 2023


One of the most fascinating aspects of understanding "astrology" is knowing that there are destined changes coming - and they will be real and affecting everyone on Earth - and yet the "not knowing" exactly how they're going to unfold to create the results that "destiny" has planned for each of us - both individually and collectively is the most curious aspect of "astrology" of the outer planets.


Astrology means you get to see the destination and know that life-on-earth has continuity, meaning and purpose - you get to see the rough pathway to get there - but due to the outer planets annual retrogrades - going "forward" always means going "backwards" - and in fact going "backwards" is vitally karmically necessary - before you can actually go forward permanently.


Due to the retrogrades of each of the outer planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - each and every year - you will be experiencing this constant state of flux - as destiny moves your life forward - but with the predictable rule of going forward means going backwards in order to and before you can go forward permanently.


The collective transformation of the planet is GENERATIONAL - that means collectively we're all moving forward - even though people have individuality - now more than ever before the individuality and personal boundaries are being eroded - so that people collectively become as ONE - even without many people even knowing it or believing it - we are in the middle of one of the greatest COLLECTIVE transformative karmic periods on Earth.


The GENERATIONAL period of change and transformation actually began on 26th January 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn - the transformative NEED for NEW beginnings were assisted when Uranus entered Aries on 11th March 2011 - followed by a spiritual meaningful approach to life - when Neptune entered Pisces in 4th April 2011 [and reentered Pisces 3rd February 2012].


These 3 OUTER planets have defined and will continue to redefine the "LAST GENERATION" - until we collectively ACCEPT the changes that DESTINY needs and wants us to make - in order for ALL of humanity to be karmic wholesome from 15th May 2018 when Uranus enters Taurus.


This fact of life - that since January 2008 - began the GENERATIONAL period of change - means that the way you did things, the way you lived life and the plans you would have made PRIOR to January 2008 - are now USELESS and INVALID to your life - AFTER January 2008.


Unfortunately, when it comes to generational astrological energies - many "old-fashioned" people REFUSE to accept that parameters of the fundamental ways of life has changed - they're still living in the "past" and hoping that they can sustain a life that no longer exists. But sooner or later - by May 2018 - "they" too will realize that the pathway of "past" is USELESS and INVALID for the "future".


Meanwhile, everyone has been adapting to "life" by - a method of what I call unpredictable - that's because Uranus in Aries is cleverly twisting and turning as it manipulates changes - as it waits for specific moments when it either creates sudden unexpected surprises - or it takes people to a limit of stress that then forces changes - because they can't live in the "past" anymore.


But the essence of what's happening to everyone - is that it makes everyone feel unstable with a nervous "Aries" feeling - that you're just about "surviving" - that's UNTIL you've adapted, moved, changed and allow Uranus in Aries to do what your DESTINY wants you to do. As soon as you've completed the BIG change - you will feel more stability - the "sign" to know it's done - is that you have a DIFFERENT attitude to life - in fact you will have a different life - to what you had PRIOR to April 2011 - even PRIOR to January 2008.


This is a GENERATIONAL period of change - accept that LIFE will never go back to what it was - PRIOR to April 2011 - even PRIOR to January 2008. Once you've accepted this - with an accepting adaptability to life - you can then ACCEPT that every step is a step towards the NEW LIFE that is being orchestrated for you - a phase in your life when you'll become much happier, more mature and completely wholesome about life - without the ghastly greedy, decadent and selfish arrogance that was cultivated during the last GENERATIONAL period of change - between 1995 => 2008.


Thank GOD that period is OVER - even though remnants of "those" bad people created and defined by Pluto in Sagittarius - 1995 => 2008 are still attempting to exert their influence and refusing to let go of their power and the "past". Soon DESTINY will give everyone no choice - and everyone will be forced to concede the need for "change" and accept changes as "progress" in the world for the collective benefit of everyone on Earth.


The reason I've introduced the "Future karmic years of 2016-2017" by defining the GENERATIONAL period of change and transformation when Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 is to emphasize that EVERYTHING has now changed - nothing of the dysfunctional and meaningless "past" applies in your life today - as karmic TRUTHS have been revealed and will continue to be revealed - you will be able to assess, judge and make the vitally necessary changes in your life - in order to DELETE the karmic LIES - and make yourself WHOLESOME both as an individual and collectively.


Indeed, it's a fact of life - the constant cycle amongst humanity - to make mistakes - and then be forced to correct and undo the mistakes. Spiritually and karmically all MISTAKES are made because of LIES - once you see the TRUTH - then the END of the ERA of mistakes ends. The defining moment between PAST and FUTURE was when Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 - and every time Pluto goes direct and forward in Capricorn - that's when your karmic FUTURE goes forward and you're able to FORGET, HEAL, FORGIVE and LEAVE the past behind.


When you accept that everything PRIOR to January 2008 - was part of an immature version of "you" - you comprehend that your destined job is to use your newfound clarity and wisdom to redefine - what was RIGHT and what was WRONG - and therefore define your future by keeping in your life everything that is truthful, correct and right whilst simultaneously deleting everything that's karmically wrong for you.


Neptune in Pisces

Humanity is Collectively Slow, Stubborn & Lazy to Change

Neptune in Pisces from April 2011 => March 2025


The truth is although it seems that "humanity is collectively slow, stubborn and lazy to change" - we aren't - for everyone is actually living in SYNC with the OUTER planets. We can't go any faster and we can't change any faster than the collective DESTINY wants, needs and has defined for us to change.So whenever you have moments of stubbornness and total laziness - don't feel guilty - for you're in SYNC with time.


When you look back on your life - you can remember all the IMPORTANT and KARMIC aspects - whilst other moments are forgotten - and are a complete blur - because they're meaningless but necessary and packaged amongst the destined karmic events. The truth is you haven't missed anything by FORGETTING those insignificant moments - merely you've ensured that the IMPORTANT KARMIC aspects are the parts of your life you remember.


However, I should mention that as - you become more spiritually enlightened and awakened - you will have many more IMPORTANT KARMIC moments - and therefore you'll remember more - even so - your life won't happen any quicker - and attempting to push to make things happen - will fail because collectively humanity is moving forward together slowly. The reason WHY you'll be remembering more - is that your mind, thoughts and spiritual soul will be MORE IN TUNE with the profound spiritual wisdom and knowledge.


Neptune in Pisces - April 2011 => March 2025 means that instead of wasting time in front of TV or doing meaningless silly time-wasting things - you'll actually WANT to spend precious time THINKING and HEALING your souls' spirituality. Neptune in Pisces - April 2011 => March 2025 means you'll actually ENJOY TIME and VALUE the preciousness and priceless quality of TIME - and when you truly RESPECT TIME - that's when you'll find you become more spiritually enlightened.


Neptune in Pisces means that coupled with this newfound preciousness and priceless quality of TIME - will be a preciousness for LIFE - a preciousness for the PLANET, for the gift of LIFE and a willingness to want to preserve LIFE instead of WASTING it. For the biggest ERROR of the past generation was WASTE - the collective culture which made it become acceptable to WASTE.


That's life - the fact of life is - that we MAKE MISTAKES - then fundamental changes - destined and karmic changes - need TIME to happen. If the events happened quickly then you wouldn't be able to cope with them. So "Time" is created to gently prepare you - guide you - and lead you to make the karmic changes - collectively with everyone else on Earth.


The 1st stage will be completed by 2017 - when everyone realizes the need and actually begins the process of change - through an awakening of TRUTH and realization of LIES - but profoundly stirred by "enlightenment" and awakened "realization" of the preciousness of time - and the precious gift of life.


The defining moment between PAST and FUTURE was when Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011 - and every time Neptune goes direct and forward in Pisces - that's when ONE specific aspect of your FUTURE goes forward and you're able to FORGET and LEAVE the past behind.


When you accept that everything SINCE to April 2011 - is now forming a new spiritually enlightened and mature version of "you" - you comprehend that your destined job is to use your clarity and wisdom to define - what is RIGHT and what is WRONG - what's a LIE and what's TRUTH.


The moment you've eliminated LIES from your life is the moment when you find PEACE. Because it is the energy of LIES that creates instability and negativity. And it is the energy of wanting, desiring and taking something that is WRONG for you - that creates BAD vibes in one's aura - therefore cleansing and becoming enlightened means healing your aura to become ACCEPTING of your life, PEACEFUL and WHOLESOME.


There's NOTHING in the astrological charts at least until about 2070 - that defines "the-end-of-the-world" - so forget the nonsense you read and see on the internet - probably written by some drunk idiot doing drugs - without an ounce of wisdom, enlightenment, compassion and love in them. Indeed this is another facet of Neptune in Pisces - the truthful realization that ANY FOOD, SUBSTANCES and anything that INFLUENCES and alters your thoughts is BAD for you - because it creates DECEPTION.


I wouldn't be surprised that Neptune in Pisces will create a truthful realization and classification of all different foods and medications are revealed for "what" they actually do to alter the way you think - and that will end the nonsense of bad medical practices of the past generation authorizing "legal" drugs to destroy and poison people's lives by altering the way they think and the way their brains function.


Pluto in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces means it is karmic time to be 100% truthful - for only TRUTH can make you 100% wholesome and truly set-you-free. Sadly, many won't be able to do "TRUTH" - and will continue to live in an illusion of lies and live in the "past" UNTIL they're absolutely forced to face the TRUTH at the "pearly-gates".


Thankfully we've all seen many changes since 2013 with the new Pope Francis who's been placed by Divine "destiny" to make the Catholic Church a center of spirituality it was destined to be by GOD, by Jesus and by St Peter. The same will happen throughout all "religions" and "faiths" as a spiritual idealism and TRUTH - will replace all the misguided, bad, awfully non-spiritual leaderships in the next few years.


Pluto in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces will collectively work together to UNDO the PAST - and even UNDO the karmic PAST of many lifetimes as collectively humanity becomes wholesome and enlightened. The worst lies are founded within man-made religions and false prophecies - therefore as the truthful spiritual reality is revealed to humanity - everyone will find REAL INNER PEACE - because it is LIES and LIARS that create instability that creates hatred which creates wars - finding TRUTH means finding PEACE.


The power of widespread availability of truthful knowledge via the internet will be important - as humanity will collectively see and learn the REAL TRUTH - each person for themselves. In the same way you read online and LAUGH at the stupidity of past "End of World" dates and predictions from all those LIARS - you will LAUGH at every nonsense and fake prophecy that appears on the internet in the next few years - as the REAL TRUTH will be revealed to you and all of humanity.


Equally, you will be able to use your own mind to become inspired to decipher what you learn from the internet - to know what is karmically and spiritually truthful that pertains to your soul. Thereby, from few pieces of information - you can expand and open your mind to an infinite energy of enlightenment.



The purpose is to arrive at karmic stability

The purpose of the changes everyone will be experiencing is to arrive at a time of destined stability




Astrologically - The 7 Years from 2013 until 2020

The astrologically destined events of the "end time" leading to a time of World Peace are already in motion

We are now on the destined journey to DIVINE peace on Earth and the complete cleansing of all past-life karma


Charts with Thanks to


The Outer Planets Forming the Karma of the Generation

When all of humanity is becoming enlightened with spiritual wisdom and wholesome in their karma

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם