The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Libra 23rd September => 23rd October 2015

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2015


Predictions for Each of the 12 Star Signs

The important astrological aspects will be explained for each of the 12 star signs :-

Sun in Libra | Mercury in Libra | Venus in Leo | Mars in Virgo | Jupiter in Virgo

Saturn in Sagittarius | Uranus in Aries | Neptune in Pisces | Pluto in Capricorn



23rd September: Sun enters Libra
23rd September: Sun 0° Libra sextiles Saturn 0° Sagittarius
25th September: Mars enters Virgo
25th September: Pluto goes direct at 12°58' Capricorn
26th September: Mars 0°36' Virgo squares Saturn 0°36' Sagittarius
28th September: Lunar Eclipse in Aries - Full Moon at 5° Aries - last Blood Full Moon
30th September: Sun 7° Libra conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 7° Libra


6th October: Sun 13° Libra squares Pluto 13° Capricorn
7th October: Mars 7° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 7° Pisces
8th October: Venus enters Virgo
9th October: Venus 1° Virgo squares Saturn 1° Sagittarius
9th October: Mercury goes direct 1° Libra
12th October: Sun 18° Libra opposes Uranus [retrograde] 18° Aries
12th October: Jupiter 13° Virgo trines Pluto 13° Capricorn
12th/13th October: New Moon 19° Libra
13th October: Mercury 2° Libra sextiles Saturn 2° Sagittarius
16th October: Mars 13° Virgo trines Pluto 13° Capricorn
17th October: Mars 14° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 14° Virgo
17th October: Venus 7° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 7° Pisces
22nd October: Venus 13° Virgo trines Pluto 13° Capricorn
22nd October: Mercury 13° Libra squares Pluto 13° Capricorn


23rd October: Sun enters Scorpio
24th October: Mercury 15° Libra - out of shadow
25th October: Venus 15° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 15° Virgo
25th October: Mercury 17° Libra opposes Uranus [retrograde] 17° Aries
27th October: Full Moon 4° Taurus
31st October: Sun 7° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 7° Pisces


"Man-Made Religions have always conned people"

The truth is those people had nothing to do with GOD or any truthful religious beliefs

They used it all as LIE to con people. They always lied and always will lie ....


In Constantinople in the year 1666 - a famous kabbalist Sabbatai Zevi - conned people to believing he was the Messiah and the redemption of the Jewish People was underway - and that everyone should sell-up and move to Palestine. Yes the year 1666 alone - excited people - but it was all bullshit, lies and nonsense. Eventually he revealed himself to be the big "f**k-up" that he was - but he ruined lives of people who believed in the garbage. Every generation has bad people who create fear and bullshit. And in the age of the internet - there's plenty of it on the internet !


In hindsight - we can read his story and all the other weird stories of "f**k-ups" that claimed to be "Messiahs" - and come to the same honest conclusion that they are all liars and bullshitters. Ah - yes - why am I using such strong language is because TRUTH really needs to be SAID LOUDLY. But no-one listens to the TRUTH. It's exactly the same as all dates that declared it was going to be the end-of-the-world. Do you remember 21st December 2012 - you too came to the same conclusion which every normal person knew anyway - but there are always idiots who believed in the garbage.


When you look at people who have worried thoughts - their aura looks dead and disturbed - "they" can't even smile - like the empty people you see in this world - full of stupidity - you can sense their stupidity in the way some of them dress! Have you ever looked at all the depressed grumpy people coming out of religious services - rarely do you find people with a happy smile.


To have found GOD is something you feel from within - to have found the meaning of your life - to have found love of life - is a karmic gift - you don't need to travel - because it's within you - wherever you are. In the Book of Love - Chapter 15 - I explained that the reason many people are running-away from themselves is because they hate their own lives - the truth is when you ACCEPT yourself - when you ACCEPT all your qualities - when you ACCEPT the life you have been blessed with - accepting both the good and the bad - is when you can begin to LOVE LIFE - that's because you're at peace with yourself. And that's the reason why people search for and believe in stuff that is 100% nonsense - is that they're not "at peace" with themselves.


Indeed, I've read a lot of NONSENSE - especially on some of the kabbalist's websites - some of whom are warning their followers to get out of USA, especially Miami, others are warning to get out of France and London, England - and whilst I look at the news - I see migrants from Syria and Africa are headed towards France and England - is it me - or is there an apparent sense of LEAVE wherever you're living.


The truth is you can't run away from yourself - and wherever you're destined to be - you will be. It is up to you to find peace whatever your circumstances - because if your not happy WITHIN yourself - moving somewhere you don't belong isn't going to help. So be "you" - and find peace from WITHIN. Don't believe any of the self-proclaimed prophets - especially those who say - go here or go there to meet the "messiah" - because more than likely he will be just another "f**k-up" that claims to be "Messiah"!


Ah - I've had a few emails - and all I can say is if you honestly believe that the end of the world is coming on 24th September 2015 - then why on earth are you wasting the last precious moments of your life on Earth sending me stupid emails. For "people" who believe it's the end coming - why are you sitting in your offices playing with yourself - surely you should be OUT there enjoying the last few weeks of your life on Earth? Obviously and truthfully - even you don't believe it's the end !


From Thursday 24th September 2015

"The Awakening to the next level"

Raising awareness and consciousness - with reference to the "nonsense" online about 23rd/24th Sept '15


However, I must say that whenever there's "stuff" that's filling the minds of people on Earth - it shows me a "sign". Do you remember the fuss they made of the end-of-the-world on 21st December 2012? Indeed - Saturn in Scorpio - since October 2012 - defined learning about ourselves - through death and transformation - it was as if Saturn in Scorpio - ensured - everyone took a "step-out" of life - in order to "think", change and transform.


Astrologically - in the past few weeks - due to outer planets of Pluto in retrograde, Uranus in retrograde, Neptune in retrograde and Saturn in negative star sign of death and transformation of Scorpio - it made people "believe" in the nonsense that's online.


When Saturn entered Sagittarius in December 2014 - you experienced a "new" you which emerged between January => June 2015 - but due to Saturn retrograde back into Scorpio - the Scorpio stuff reappeared. On the 17th September 2015 Saturn re-enters Sagittarius - and then an aura of optimism envelopes the aura of the whole world - and as the dates have passed - everyone has seen the truth - the nonsense that it truly was.


Even so - the same sign that I learnt in - 21st December 2012 applies now too - that is life is a precious gift and each month of each year should be treasured and enjoyed as a gift - because according to the "nonsense" - it could all end suddenly. Yes - if "they" believed the garbage "they" wrote - then they'd do something enjoyable and worthwhile with their last few weeks on Earth. You don't have to change your whole life - except change your attitude to the gift of life and BEGIN TO LOVE LIFE - LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE.


Indeed, because of Saturn entered Sagittarius on 17th September 2015 - the whole world will be changing and a new level of enlightenment will be attained - the destined karmic journey forward is moving forward for everyone. The best and most wonderful facet of Saturn in positive star sign of Sagittarius - is destined things just happen - all the good stuff happens. In the same way many experienced the negative stuff in the past few years - with death and painful transformations - now the positive stuff of warmth, healing with truly positive destined relationships - all just happen.


The True Strength of Jupiter in Virgo

3 Planets in Virgo - Mars - Venus - Jupiter - in Virgo - defines - the ability to fix everything

Friday 25th September 2015 - Mars enters Virgo | Thursday 8th October 2015 - Venus enters Virgo


I explained on Months Astrology of Sun in Virgo that the quality of Virgo is fix and repair - it never gives-up. Which made me think - in a light-hearted way - that if I was asked to choose a date to convince people it was the end of the world - what date would it be?


Logic would tell me - choose sometime during Sun in Pisces - problem is that Pisces knows there's always continuity - after every end comes a new beginning. Then I thought about why they chose Galactic renewal date of 21st December 2012 - but because it's a renewal date - it means it comes with plenty of NEW energy.


Then I thought about now these dates "they" are saying in September Sun in Virgo - well Virgo always repairs and fixes things - it never ever destroys anything. And anyone who knows Libra - if you tell Libra - it's the end - they will do the opposite - to rebalance the energies. Then I though about Sun in Scorpio - problem is that can't be the end of the world - as Saturn will be in Sagittarius and Jupiter in the fix-it star sign of Virgo - and every other month for the next 3 years - will create continuity to the next month.


However, and this is my main point - according to the Book of Daniel, the gospels and the Bible - that "no-one knows the date and the time of the Lord!" - so it's wrong to attempt to predict and guess when the "end" will be - all we have to do is ACCEPT life and ENJOY the gift of life - with gratitude and love for the blessings each of us has - none of us can change the destiny of the world.



Just some cartoons I found on the internet - to help you laugh at the nonsense some people believe in !


And if it is the destined time and we all end-up at the pearly gates - I look forward to seeing you at the pearly-gates of St Peter - I'll be the one saying - "ooops I got it wrong again" - in the meantime - love everyday of your life - love the gift of life - love every moment of every day - for each moment is a miracle we're all still alive !


The reason why I've posted these cartoons is to show you the gift of Sun in Libra - and that's LAUGHTER. Libra balances life - hence all the negativity and depressing news is and will be balanced out during Sun in Libra to create a good world.


Saturn in Sagittarius

I repeat what I said last month Sun in Virgo as it is an important factor for everyone ....


Since October 2012 - the transit of Saturn in Scorpio has been a long journey of transformation - and for everyone it has involved the Scorpio concepts of being "dead", introvert and quiet - whilst destined events happened - especially "deaths" and "endings". For some of you - it made you feel - like you were taken-away from living a normal real life - whilst you've been transformed - for others - it simply created a darkness of stress and anxiety - without knowing the reason why.


It was a time when many people tried running-away from their problems - but Saturn in Scorpio - found a way for everyone to survive and live through it all. And the fact that you're alive today reading this and running towards a positively optimistic future - is proof that something's in life - happen - that's life. I hope you've learnt the lessons of Saturn in Scorpio - and if there were painful moments - the good news is next time that Saturn enters Scorpio is in the year 2042!


Saturn in Scorpio meant death and transformation a phase when you discarded the "old" you and became a "new" you - Saturn in Sagittarius means you're ready to reveal the new happy positive friendly version of yourself to the world - and most importantly is that Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure all destined relationships are connected with each other. You'll now become OPEN and FREE to embrace the world - as the aura of the whole world - is opened with positive vibes - with the warmth of fire sign of Sagittarius.



Did you miss out on the "Summer of Love?"

Whilst many readers enjoyed the Summer - with new positively fascinating, exciting loving relationships - others didn't ..


Each month is defined by the astrological energies - Sun in Aries - begins the zodiac year - Sun in Gemini - opens the communicative energies to begin relationships - Sun in Leo creates the heat, desire, passion and excitement for a "love" of life. And whatever "it" is that you "love" in your life - is defined by Sun in Leo. Sun in Leo is the month when you get excited for life.


In the same way that during July and August - the hottest months of the year - you get natural Sun-tan - take your most of your clothes off - so that you look good and feel good about life - it is the month - when you reveal yourself to the world - and the world sees "you".


Did the world see you? Did you make an impression on someone - that soon - they might say to you - I saw you a few weeks ago - in the Summer - and now I'm ready for a relationship with you ? OR - did nothing happen - because you didn't change anything about yourself? There's an expression "only an idiot repeats the same mistakes and expects different results".


The good news is that even if you don't FIX yourself during Sun in Virgo then Saturn in Sagittarius until December 2017 - during this time - ALL your destined relationships will come into your life - Saturn will ensure all the destined connections are made - you won't be able to avoid anyone who is truly destined to be in your life - because Saturn will make it all happen.


In the same way that Saturn in Scorpio from October 2012 => 17th Sept'15 has forced you to deal with death, endings, transformation - Saturn in Sagittarius will force you to deal with relationships - that's why I pushed myself to complete the The Book of Love @ - ready for Saturn in Sagittarius - and whilst many of you - won't be bothered nor interested in reading it now - during Saturn in Sagittarius - life will ensure you read it - in order for you to understand all facets of all your RELATIONSHIPS.


Saturn in Sagittarius - means a 2nd Saturn return for all people born between January 1956 => January 1959 and your 1st Saturn return for all people born between November 1985 => November 1988. "Saturn return" means Saturn transits the exact place where you were conceived and born - it is a period - when inexplicable things happen - and a transit which is completely in-sync with your karmic destiny - "life" will ensure you are where you should be - and most importantly you are with the people you should be with.


Everyone has the potential to love another person - but often people are blind - Saturn in Sagittarius will open your eyes to see clearly - who, where and what - life wants to you love. During Saturn in Sagittarius everyone will be with someone. And whilst the heat of Sun in Leo has vanished for the fling, affair and love of Summer - Saturn in Sagittarius is a different kind of warmth - it is the warmth of friendships, companionships and the true destined love of your life.


Any of you - and most specifically all of you who are born between January 1956 => January 1959 will in fact - find yourselves being "reset" by destiny to be the with person you should have been with - "old" relationships that you fell in love with between November 1985 => November 1988 when Saturn was in Sagittarius - define the truly destined and right ones - will come back into your lives. Do you remember - what you were doing and who you were with between November 1985 => November 1988?


Additionally - if you made a mistake and took a wrong turn in your life - then Saturn in Sagittarius - will take you "home" - and thanks to the power of the internet, email and communications - it will make the connections easier to find and made - and then the Saturn "reset" will happen.



Introduction to Sun in Libra 2015

"Becoming Balanced"


Now that you are prepared - it ain't going to be the end-of-the-world - as Sun in Libra is going to ensure specific destined events in everyone's lives. It is going to be a time of awakening to a truthful reality - and a time when you will question what you do, why you do it and who you do it with - with the best facets - thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius - is that you will sense your direction by the warmth and sincerity of your relationships - relationship you have with your own life and relationship you have with everyone you know.


This was the reason why I wrote ספר האהבה - Sefer Ahava - The Book of Love @ - to explain exactly what life is about. All the stuff you think is important isn't really - whereas when you realize what is truly important to you - then you can set yourself free - through the power of "love" that is within you. As I explain on Tree of Your Life עץ החיים your life is all about people and your relationships.


Libra is a star sign that understands this fact of life - during Sun in Libra - you too - will understand that your life is about all the people in your life - when you FIX your relationships - then you FIX yourself - and when you FIX yourself - you'll have success and happiness.


Hence the reason I've written this so far in advance is to show you - there is continuity in life - and that Sun in Virgo 23rd August => 23rd September will be fixing things, making corrections that need correcting and then Sun in Libra - which has the planets of Mars, Venus & Jupiter in Virgo - will continue fixing things whilst other facets of life continue.


Astrologically - and this applies to your own specific astrological chart too - the source of light in our Universe is the Sun - therefore - each month the combination of Sun with all the other planets changes - Sun in Virgo and Jupiter in Virgo - is going to feel different to Sun in Libra and Jupiter in Virgo - even though Jupiter will be in Virgo until September 2016 - each month - the Sun changes star signs and will affect the energy of Jupiter in Virgo.


During Sun in Libra - the 3 Planets in Virgo - Mars - Venus - Jupiter - in Virgo - defines - the ability to fix everything with the energy coming from Sun in Libra - means in a fair, balanced and just manner - it makes things right - by creating a balancing-out - so if something has had too much emphasis on it - Sun in Libra - will take-away it's energy to make life become more balanced.


In April 2014 - for Sun in Aries - I explained that - each day of your life has 12 segments to it - and whilst it is important to THINK about money - you shouldn't be NON-STOP thinking about money - as "Money, Finances & Possessions" should only occupy a maximum of 2 hours thinking time a day.


It's only 1/12th of the day. money should NOT be the reason for living - and should NOT be reason you do whatever you do during the whole 24 hours of the day. The day consists of 24 hours - 12 x 2 hour astrological periods. Hence, if you're worrying and thinking all your waking hours about "money" - you're unbalanced and your mind is not living "naturally". The way you "think" needs to change!


One of the reasons I think "some" people think about MONEY all day - is that there whole lives are lived - in sync with MONEY - they marry for money, they divorce because of money, they have sex for money, they lie and deceive others for money, they cheat, get angry and frustrated because of money - so when their heads are full of ONE thing - naturally - they are unbalanced and their world will collapse when the "Money" facet collapses.


But if you're well balanced and allow 1/12th of the day to worry about finances - then you have 11 other facets of your life - that will create stability in your life - when that one suffers. During Sun in Libra - due to Mars - Venus - Jupiter - in Virgo - "something" is going to happen - to ensure - people FIX themselves and become more balanced.


Giving and Taking - "Becoming Balanced"


Pigs naturally constantly eat and take - hence the expression becoming greedy as pigs - do you think the Pig realizes that it is eating to become fat in order for it's meat Pork, Bacon and Ham to be tasty for humans to eat. If it realized the truth - that eating like a greedy pig - was only making it a target for the farmer to sell it to the abattoir for a good price - what do you think it would do? Well it's a good job that the greedy pig doesn't know the truth and hasn't got any brains to think - isn't it?


It's the same with "some" humans - they've no idea about anything other than their own individual lives - they don't even want to know or think about anything bigger than their own individuality - hence they too are taking, taking and taking more from life - like greedy pigs - UNTIL - one day - they have heart attack and are told by the Dr they must cut-back on excess.


Humans have an inbuilt instinct of wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong - unfortunately when people forget the need for a balanced life of both giving and taking - it takes a sudden unexpected awakening to make people realize the need to become balanced again. Everyone "knows" it - but humanity sometimes forgets it.


During Sun in Libra 2015 - the astrological configuration will re-balance that which needs balancing - fix that which needs fixing and heal that which needs healing. It will do this by ensuring many people will be given the wisdom and common sense to THINK like well-balanced intelligent humans again and not like greedy pigs - although that still won't stop some people from still being "Pigs" - but "they" will only make themselves a target of unwanted attention - like the fattened pig being noticed by the farmer for slaughter.


Outer planets - Pluto - Neptune - Uranus - Saturn

reset and restart to September 2011 or 2012

With Saturn in Sagittarius - everyone can rejoin life and continue from where they left off in either September 2011 or 2012


The outer planets of Pluto in Capricorn - Neptune in Pisces - Uranus in Aries - are in the same star signs they were in 2011 and 2012 - and with Sun in Libra - will define that it's almost exactly the same configuration as September 2011 and September 2012. Now that Saturn in Sagittarius is back in a positive star sign of Sagittarius - as it was prior to October 2012 when it was in positive star sign of Libra - it means - a reconnection back to the journey of your life - especially if you look at your life and think nothing has happened in the past 3-4 years.


During Saturn in Scorpio - you've experienced a lot of changes and transformation in more ways than one - and now it's time to rejoin living life again. Some of you might feel - you've done nothing with your lives since October 2012 - but that's not true - it just appears you haven't changed - but you have - and now you're ready to implement all the changes in real life.


There's a secret I must tell you - is that sometimes - you try so hard and nothing happens - and then there are moments when you don't even try to do anything - and then everything happens - that's what Saturn in Sagittarius - combined with Sun in Libra will be doing for EVERYONE. Things just happen - all the things you've wanted and been waiting for.


You've already seen in the past week - how much can happen when a planet is in positive star sign Saturn in positive star sign of Sagittarius since 17th September 2015 and Sun in Libra from 23rd September 2015 - so much more will just "happen" - without even trying.


Star sign of Libra is a communicator

It connects all the destined connections


The reason why I've written this - in advance is to show you - that life has continuity - hence during Sun in Virgo whilst everything is constantly changing - you'll see the necessity of fixing whatever needs fixing in your life and doing what you need to do - it's part of journey - it is not the destination - because you will realize your life can't continue the way it is - and with help of Jupiter in Virgo - has defined a need to fix it all. It will happen - by way of THINKING intelligently and COMMUNICATING with the right people.


Mercury is in Libra until 2nd November 2015 - so all the channels of communication will be opened to talk and do what you need to do. Mercury is the ruler of the star sign of Virgo - and with Jupiter in Virgo - you will be focused on fixing your life - that will be done - through all your relationships with almost everyone you know and have known - as people from the "past" will be coming back into your life - in order to help you FIX it.


In the same way that people will contact you to help them FIX their lives too - remember the best relationships are TWO-WAY - when you each help each other. Even so that won't stop one-way relationship people from contacting you to help them.


Indeed - this is something I often ask readers - are you of HELP to others - do others like you because you're a good friend to them - or are you always complaining about your life and are a bit of a nuisance? Everyone has problems they want to talk about - but why not become someone who enlightens and makes other people's lives happier - someone people like to talk to because you uplift them ?


The Dates of "Fools" 14th, 23rd & 28th Sept'

There's been a lot of nonsense written about the Jewish New Year of 14th Sept' and 23rd Sept' and the Blood Full Moon


I have no idea why people write nonsense. If "they" were truly spiritual - "they" would accept destiny and if it is the Destined time for the "end" - there's nothing anyone can do about changing it. So "they" should actually be enjoying the last few days on Earth - shouldn't they?


Nonetheless - the 7 year cycle - as biblically predicted - means - September/October of - 1987 - 1994 - 2001 - 2008 - 2015 - have a sense of repeat cycles - all of which created financial and stock market crashes. Although, I think some people recreate the cycles when they "believe" in it - these are mysteries and none of us knows the truth - all we need to do is live one day at a time - and do what we know to be right - enjoy, give thanks and be grateful for the gift of everyday of life.


There's just one astrological point and that's due to the fact that current Jewish calendars aren't in SYNC with astrological calendar - and the New Moon in Libra - on 12th October 2015 - is the true beginning of the New Year of karmic Justice. The New Moon on 13th September 2015 is a Virgo New Moon - and defines a time for fixing things that are wrong - not a time for destroying the world!


The tragic fact is that there are many intelligent religious people believing in the nonsense - and soon - they're going to be very disappointed that "redemption" didn't arrive. Hence - the dates are dates of "Fools"!


It's useless saying anything negative in Sun in Libra

Sun in Libra is star sign of Laughter and Giggles

During Sun in Libra - all these planets are in POSITIVE star signs - rebalancing any negativity with positive healing


Sun in Libra [Air Sign] Mercury in Libra [Air Sign] Venus in Leo [Fire Sign]

and with these outer planets of - Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]

Therefore - anyone who is negative or blocks other people's happiness will be ignored as if they don't even exist !


Astrologically - during YIN-NEGATIVE months of the year such as Sun in Virgo - you can't truly be "yourself" - however, during Sun in Libra - a YANG-POSITIVE month - together with Saturn in a YANG star sign of Sagittarius - you will and can be "yourself" - because you're ready to be completely OPEN. Sun and Mercury in Libra will unlock and open a specific facet of "you" - and enable "you" to be "yourself".


I should say - that the "sign" to know - you are back - is LAUGHTER - all children know this by instinct - when "you" feel good - when "you" love life - when "you" are living with love - you automatically LAUGH and GIGGLE. So find something that makes you laugh - and then laugh a lot - let yourself become opened-up - because when you're OPEN - that's when lots of good things can happen in your life.



Sun in Libra 23rd September 2015

Months Astrological Events Explained


23rd September: Sun enters Libra 9am UK - 10am Europe - 2:30pm India 4am USA EST - 8pm Sydney, Australia - begins the 2nd half of the zodiac - this is the time when results and "harvest" of the past 6 months are revealed. Sun in Libra is about achieving balance in life - everything you've been missing or lacking in your life - is the emphasis of Sun in Libra's balance.


Sun in Libra is going to become STRONG and POSITIVE for everyone - especially Libra, Sagittarian's, Aquarians, Aries, Gemini and Leo's - or anyone with planets in these Air and Fire signs. That's because Libra always finds solutions, compromises and adapts to circumstances - and hence the approaching Aries Full Moon on 28th September 2015 - will be energizing you from within to do whatever destiny wants you to do - and get others to agree with you.


Venus 19° Leo trine Uranus [retrograde] 19° Aries on Wednesday 23rd Sept' - Wednesday will be a day of many unexpected surprises which will be UNLOCKED by the power of Sun in Libra to make your day and much happier day that you can imagine.


23rd September: Sun 0° Libra sextiles Saturn 0° Sagittarius - the fact that Sun enters Libra - will immediately UNLOCK something strong and destined for everyone - you might have felt it coming - since Saturn entered Sagittarius on 17th September 2015 - and today - 23rd September: Sun 0° Libra sextiles Saturn 0° Sagittarius - ensures it happens.


Whatever "it" is - is destined - the truly destined relationships in your life - being connected to the right people - will ensure that your "life" is the correct way your "life" should be. It will restore "balance" into your life - by creating STRONG stabilizing destined events.


It won't just last for Wednesday - but it begin to move destined pieces of your life into place - you will see shifts, changes, coincidences and specific destined events unfold in your life - that will show you - your destiny. Even if you thought "no" or "maybe" - Sun in Libra & Saturn in Sagittarius - will clearly show you "yes" and ensure you see "it" clearly.


As explained above - Saturn in Sagittarius - defines a whole new phase in your life - Sun in communicative air sign of Libra - will ensure it all happens - easily and flows naturally - so that it seems that "changes" are the most natural thing in the world. All you have to do is communicate and connect with the "right" people.


25th September: Mars enters Virgo - unusually "Mars in Virgo" will actually be "at home" - usually Mars in Virgo isn't good - but the reason it will be VERY GOOD this year is because Mars is like an ENGINE of the automobile - it goes where the driver tells it to go. It provides the power and engine for motivation forward - to find the answers you need and having the energy to do everything you need to do. But when no planets are in Virgo when Mars transits Virgo - its frustrating.


This year - Mars in Virgo between 15th October => 12th November 2015 - will be working WITH Jupiter in Virgo - the exact Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo is on 17th October 2015 - which will use all the power of Mars in Virgo to work hard to create STABILITY - especially as it trines Pluto in Capricorn - providing strength, balance, karmic relationships and stability.


Anyone who knows "Virgo"- knows - when they're at their best - they're 100% reliable - you can trust them with your life - Virgo never "kills" or "destroys" anything - Virgo always FIXES everything - when it has the right energy. With Mars and Jupiter in Virgo - with the light of Sun in Libra - everyone everywhere will find solutions to everything that is destined to be - by way of honest communication.



25th September: Pluto goes direct at 12°58' Capricorn

No More "going" back - the Future begins 25th September 2015


25th September: Pluto goes direct at 12°58' Capricorn - Pluto going direct is BIG - and indeed each year since September 2009 it has been BIG - because Pluto in Capricorn moves destiny forward. I always compare Pluto going direct - to sitting in a train looking out of the window - but your BACK is facing the forward direction - so all you see is the PAST - you're NOT seeing the FUTURE - therefore you can't plan for the FUTURE nor can you make WISE decisions with clarity. This is due to the STRONG influence Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is having on you. Pluto going direct - ensures - you look at the future and turn your back on the "past".


All you need to do is Stop going-back and stop being the old "you" - especially for all Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius Capricorn, Pisces. Each of you - have done exceptionally well since January 2015 - in becoming a NEW version of yourself - becoming wiser - more mature - more stable - and found ways to become happier with "life" - in fact as I say - you've learnt not to get so upset, angry or depressed - you've learnt to turn-things-around - and not let life stress you out - that's because you LET-GO of being "you" - and you let life - do what it was going to do.


Saturn in Sagittarius combined with Pluto in Capricorn is actually good - being next to each other - inconjunct - Saturn's natural home and ruler of Capricorn - it will make things fit into place. IN SYNC with an invisible and yet profoundly karmic future. Hence if you're reading this prior to Pluto going direct on 24th September 2015 - don't be too concerned if you can't see the bigger picture of your life - as you head is still look backwards instead of forwards.


The exactness of Pluto goes direct at 12°58' Capricorn will take some of you BACK to where your life went "on hold" in April 2015 - it is the invisible karmic force - that makes things happen - because now you're ready to be moved-forward to complete and live the life - you were destined and born to live.


26th September: Mars 0°36' Virgo squares Saturn 0°36' Sagittarius - "technically" this is supposed to be stressful and challenging - but because Virgo and Sagittarius are two completely different star signs - this square will create DESTINED STABILITY - as you will see clearly - someone that doesn't belong in your life - they've nothing to do with you - because you've simply got nothing in sync with or in common with each other.


Mars in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius - respects boundaries - in that everyone has their own individuality and belongs wherever and with whomever they truly belong with. The only problems come - when you realize this truth - and confronted with dealing with the truth - that you're with someone who is so unsuitable for you - you realize - you either need to respect each others individuality and end the relationship.


Mars in Virgo with Jupiter in Virgo - is ensuring you're fixing whatever you need to fix in your life - but to FIX it - you might first need to be woken up, see the truth and realize that you have a problem with your relationships. If you've no problems in your relationships then Mars square Saturn - will show you "other" people you've known in your life - and realize how "wrong" they were for you - and then it will define who you really are and with the types of people you belong with.


Monday 28th September 2015 - Aries Full Moon

It is a strong Aries Full Moon - and will affect - every star sign - it will make you want whatever destiny wants you to want.

Full Moon at 4° Aries - 4am UK - 5am Europe - 9:30am India - 1pm Sydney, Australia

[ Sunday night 11pm USA EST - 8pm Arizona ]



Astrological chart for Full Moon 28th September 2015 - with thanks to

Sun in Libra will be defining your karmic destination having the life you're destined to have

Specific Karma and destined facts are fixed entities - people always get exactly what they're destined to get


Aries Full Moon of a Magnetic Attractions

Everyone will get exactly what they need

The Aries Full Moon will speak to the individual and by way of inexplicable magnetic attraction things will happen. The Full Moon will make sure you're living the life you're destined to be living - but people who aren't living the life they're destined to live will "explode" into lunatics!

28th September: Lunar Eclipse in Aries - Full Moon at 5° Aries - last Blood Full Moon - I explained for Sun in Virgo - that each day from 23rd August until 30th September 2015 - are STRONG astrological days - when - depending on your star sign and DOB - something STRONG will happen in your life. The energies created at Full Moon's are totally invisible - and yet - are phenomenally STRONG - this Aries Full Moon will prove that to everyone.


Full Moon's always unlock everything and magnify all the planetary activity - and because all the following planets will be in POSITIVE star sign - with Sun in Libra [Air Sign] Mercury in Libra [Air Sign] Venus in Leo [Fire Sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] - Full Moon in Aries [Fire Sign] - it will create lots of positive changes in the world - for everyone.


It is a STRONG Aries Full Moon - and will affect every star sign - as it will show you what it wants to show you - to make you want whatever destiny wants you to want. Now if you're prepared - you could say to yourself - "I'm happy with my life and I don't want anything" - but suddenly the Aries Full Moon will SHOCK and SURPRISE you - because - in sync with your karmic destiny of moving your life forward - it will make you want what it wants you to want.


Aries is the star sign of individuality - it is also a recognition that everyone has their own individuality and karmic destiny. Your life is different to someone else's and if you're not supposed to be with someone - or not supposed to be doing something - then the Aries Full Moon will ensure you won't do it.

Simultaneously, it will ensure you recognize WHO you are and do what you're destined to be doing with the people you're destined to be with. And hence - when everyone is in SYNC with destiny - there is great happiness and peace in the world. That is what the Aries Full Moon will create.


I should add that Aries Full Moon on 28th September 2015 will be filled full of giggles and laughter - as negative situation are broken and turned around into positive ones. This indeed is why astrological "oppositions" in positive star signs are packed full of positive energy - and not the doomsday nonsense you've read about on the internet!


Destined Stability - Balance - Harmony - Peace

24th September => 12th October 2015

Many things will be happening to create stability from 24th September => 12th October 2015


From the 24th September 2015 - you will feel the power of Sun in positive communicative star sign of Libra - but for most people it will be after the Aries Full Moon on 28th September 2015 - that you will begin to use it wisely to create your New Life.


Aries always begins New things - Full Moon in Aries means your emotions get excited, awakened, stimulated and unexpectedly surprised - when you are given a new goal, new ambition, new feelings for something that life wants you to want.


Ambition is normal in humans - we all want to do something - what that "something" is - will be defined by the Aries Full Moon - then without any delay or dithering - and because there's so much positive energy to do positive things - it will all happen. The definition of "Aries" is that creates something from nothing - something that wasn't to become something that is.


The eclipsed Blood Full Moon will ensure - everything that should be will be - and - everything that wasn't is - and - everything that you should have done but couldn't will now be unblocked - so that you can do it.


Thereafter - Sun in Libra - will be creating lots of changes in everyone's lives - as this Aries Full Moon will UNLOCK something specific for everyone. Especially as truths are revealed and you find yourself knowing what you want and what's right for you. All of which will unfold to create stability, peace, love and harmony by the balanced Libra New Moon on 12th/13th October 2015. The essence of Sun Libra is to restore BALANCE and HARMONY in your lives - so if any facet of your life needs balancing and healing - Sun in Libra will be doing it.


In the introduction above - I explained that "life" is taking everyone to a new level of awareness - and hence "you" will be changing too - that means being given something NEW in your life - to define this NEW phase of your life. You've outgrown your circumstances - and now is a time for change in your circumstances. Whatever will happen - will happen - smoothly - so you won't need to worry - changes will happen quickly and if it goes smoothly - you know it's destined to be.


30th September: Sun 7° Libra conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 7° Libra - whilst many people - falsely believe that nothing happens during Mercury retrogrades - they're actually going to be surprised - because Sun conjunct Mercury [retrograde] - means lots of activity, communications and reconnections with people.


The strange inexplicable aspect - will be WHO turns up in your life. Yes - it is karmic - because Sun in Libra - is working on ensuring you have all the people you should have in your life. If you've forgotten, disconnected or simply ignored them - then you're probably already seeing events create the magnetic attraction.

The purpose is with a karmic necessity to heal, love, forgive and move-on with your life - and hence reconnections to specific people who were vitally important in your life - if you've not healed the relationship - the relationship is still existing. I always say the very best of relationships in life - are the karmic ones - for although they have their difficulties - they are strong because they come with deeply profound energies and bonds from many past-lifetimes.


Depending on your own astrological chart - there will be a specific moment during Sun in Libra - PRIOR to the Libra New Moon on 12th/13th October - when you feel your complete strength of character coming back to life - when inevitably someone [or something or some place] specific and destined will REJOIN and COME BACK into your life. Or it will make you think of your real "home" - the place where you truly belong - whatever "it" is - "it" will make you SMILE again.



6th October: Sun 13° Libra squares Pluto 13° Capricorn - with Pluto going direct - this Sun Square Pluto - will take you BACK in time - as far back as September 2011 - or September 2012 - in order to FIX and HEAL something that's been WRONG - because of BAD karma and negativity you have towards someone.


Each year since 2011 - destiny has tried fixing and repairing the karmic situation - today's Sun square Pluto will ensure you find the "karmic" solution - which is to ACCEPT life and FORGIVE all people. As explained on the "Three Keys of Reincarnation" - it is best to ACCEPT the karmic destined situations of life - forgive the past - and then detach yourself from a "past" that you no longer belong to - Sun square Pluto - says time to accept "destiny", forgive and let-go.



7th October: Mars 7° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 7° Pisces - as Neptune in retrograde in Pisces - represents the "past", "religion" and beliefs of the "past" - this strong opposition will BLAST AWAY all nonsense - including all nonsensical man-made religious beliefs. It will also BLAST AWAY all superstitious nonsense.

At each stage of your life "beliefs" are important - but as you mature - you need to see that those "beliefs" are now nonsense. Humanity is maturing and becoming spiritually enlightened - that's why all the man-made religions are failing - because nonsensical beliefs, customs and superstitions are being proven beyond doubt as being 100% garbage. Mars opposition Neptune - will reveal to you - a truth and challenge to stop you believing in something that's not TRUE.



8th October: Venus enters Virgo - Venus is an inner planet - which means it ensures you do what you love doing and with the people you LOVE. Although relationships and things people do often seem illogical - if they are LUCKY and you LOVE doing them - then you will always do them. Like Coca-Cola, chocolate Ice-cream or KFC - it doesn't matter what any tells you - if you LOVE them - you'll continue to eat them.


When things change to show you something NEW that you can LOVE too - then you change your habits - Venus in Virgo - is about to change your habits and find something NEW for you to LOVE. It could be NEW clothes, new home, new love or a new line in your business.


The fact that outer planets of Mars and Jupiter are in Virgo - joined by Venus in Virgo - means you're going to feel something STRONG - something that will solve your finances - something NEW that will be LUCKY and create the stability that Jupiter in Virgo is procuring in your life - you will realize the LUCKY things you do in your life - are just LUCKY - because DESTINY defines them so.


Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo means you're going to be very focused on ONE specific facet of your life. A facet that's been neglected for 12 years. 3 planets in Virgo will ensure you won't be inclined to do anything WRONG nor be inclined to WASTE time doing anything that doesn't have a purpose to it.



9th October: Venus 1° Virgo squares Saturn 1° Sagittarius - as above for Mars square Saturn on 26th September 2015 - "technically" this is supposed to be stressful and challenging - but because Virgo and Sagittarius are two completely different star signs - this square will create DESTINED STABILITY - as you will see clearly - someone that doesn't belong in your life - they've nothing to do with you - because you've simply got nothing in sync with or in common with each other.


Venus in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius - will show you with clarity that you don't feel any connection to something or someone anymore. A phase of life has ended and if you're holding onto the past - then Venus square Saturn - will show you let-go - because your appetite for something NEW has arrived.



9th October: Mercury goes direct 1° Libra - it's been a fascinating Mercury retrograde in Libra - from now onwards - forward to the future - now that you've picked up all your pieces and destined connections from the "past". Now you're ready for the "future".

Destined Stability - Balance - Harmony - Peace

12th October => 28th October 2015

Many things will be happening to create stability from 24th September => 12th October 2015

Then a new phase of destined stability forms and begins between 12th October => 28th October 2015


12th October: Jupiter 13° Virgo trines Pluto 13° Capricorn - the strongest aspect of stability - and it has been unfolding - here it is and will define the next 12 months of your life - as Jupiter transits Virgo until September 2016.


Pluto is the further most outer planet in our Solar system - Pluto in star sign of Capricorn since 2008 - has ensured - a positive karmic shift in everyone's lives - it has insured that everything that is destined to be is - and everything that isn't destined to be isn't. Pluto in Capricorn is both PROTECTING everyone and guaranteeing everyone that you get everything you need to get - to live the life you were born to live.


If you've had moments - when you doubted your whole existence - because you couldn't see what you've been born for - or - what you're living for then since Pluto went direct on 24th September 2015 - I'd assume - you've found the meaning of your life again - and thanks to events leading to this Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn - you're feeling much more balanced - much more focused and now have an ambition with goals and meaning of life.


Jupiter trine Pluto - defined - if you're meant to be doing something - then you will be able to - as it UNLOCKS doors - to ensure - you can do what you've truly been born to do and the real reason why you're alive. Since Jupiter entered Virgo in August 2015 - you've been changing - and today's trine - will define with clarity - something STABLE - DESTINED - and - vitally important for your future.


Due to the Libra New Moon - which will create BALANCE in your life - there's nothing blocking anything from happening - so from now and until 28th October 2015 - you're going to find lots of changes happening - remarkably quickly. Which for some of you will continue to create ongoing positive changed at least until January 2016.


During the next 2 weeks and by the Full Moon on 27th October - you'll see lots of things moving and happening very quickly in your life - to create a NEW definition of the meaning of STABILITY in your lives - especially if the past 2-3 years have felt unstable and insecure.



12th October: Sun 18° Libra opposes Uranus [retrograde] 18° Aries - when situations become too stressful - human nature is either to become very angry and stressed-out too OR to breakdown and give-up OR fight OR suddenly a surprise and magical solution is found and you burst-out laughing.


This year due Saturn in fun-loving, have a good time and positive Sagittarius - no-one wants to FIGHT anymore - everyone has learnt the lessons of the "past" and humanity wants PEACE. Sun opposition Uranus will create an unexpected SURPRISES - which instead of creating mayhem and trouble - people do the unexpected opposite of whatever you expected them to do. And hey-presto - MAGIC. A bad situation is turned around to become a good one. Although this opposition is exact - it will be felt throughout Sun in Libra - and hence your SUPRISE could happen - anytime - and thereafter you'll be laughing.


This indeed is why you will be filled full of giggles and laughter - as negative situations are broken and turned around into positive ones. This indeed is why astrological "oppositions" in positive star signs are packed full of positive energy.



12th/13th October 2015 - The Libra New Moon

Balance & Healing in Liberating Libra

A fascinating pure healing Libra New Moon - a perfectly balanced peaceful New Moon

The Perfect Balance created by Sun & Moon in Libra - opposing - Uranus in Aries

Venus, Mars & Jupiter in Virgo - opposing - Neptune in Pisces

& Saturn in Sagittarius ensuring it's all held together with destined stability

[explained fully on Moon Astrology]



The red lines in the above chart - define the perfect balanced and stability in the world

The lines also defined the balance created by the perfect magnetic attraction of destiny

Astrological chart for Libra New Moon 12th/13th October 2015 - with thanks to

New Moon at 19° Libra - 2am UK - 3am Europe - 7:30am India - 11am Sydney, Australia

[ Monday night 9pm USA EST - 6pm Arizona ]


12th/13th October: New Moon 19° Libra - to understand astrological charts is to understand the RED lines - RED lines are SQUARES and OPPOSITIONS - they are of the greatest energies - and depending which star sign the planets are in - will define whether it's "good" or "bad".


The star sign of Libra is a POSITIVE star sign - the Libra is defined by the Scales - it always seeks to attain "balance". Whilst some of you might think "balance" means if you're poor - you will now become rich to balance it out - you're mistaken. It means "balance" in your aura - attitude to life - mood - physical body and mind - hence being "balanced" is actually a BIG blessing - especially if you've not been 100% - not been yourself - not been feeling life is worth living - or - not been feeling anything at all.


The RED lines - defining the New Moon - are Sun, New Moon & Mercury in positive star sign of Libra - Saturn in positive star sign of Sagittarius - Uranus in positive star sign of Aries - therefore the consequences will be a NEW life - perfectly balanced with positive energies - that will make you forget all the negativity. It will heal your mind and your aura - by calming you down - into a blissful state of peacefulness.


The New Moon in Libra - will give you reasons to be happy and enjoy life again - especially as it will create something from nothing in your life that will BALANCE you out. I always think of - The Spiritual Prayer of St Francis of Assisi - that defines the need to BALANCE the energies of the world we live in ...


Lord, make me an instrument of your peace

Where there is hatred, let me bring love; Where there is injury, let me bring forgiveness;
Where there is discord, let me bring harmony; Where there is falsehood, let me bring truth;
Where there is doubt, let me bring faith; Where there is despair, let me bring hope;
Where there is darkness, let me bring light; Where there is sadness, let me bring joy.

LORD, grant that I may not seek so much - To be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love.
Because it is in giving that we receive, It is in forgetting ourselves that we find others,
It is in forgiving that we are forgiven, And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Then miracle shall follow miracle and wonders never cease . Amen אמן




13th October: Mercury 2° Libra sextiles Saturn 2° Sagittarius - Saturn in Sagittarius is teaching everyone of us - that whoever you are - you need people in your lives - but who you really need are the RIGHT people in your life. It doesn't matter where you live - or whatever you're doing - so long as you have the RIGHT and DESTINED people in your life - then all is good.


From 23rd September - Sun in Libra - with - Mercury in Libra until 4th November 2015 - means everything and everyone that should be in your life - especially all the "pieces" from the "past" that you've lost - will return and come-back. Saturn in Sagittarius - will ensure you feel who is "right" by the warmth of friendship that you feel. Until at least 4th November - you're going to be connecting with lots of people - many will do nothing for you - whilst others - will create a warmth from within - that you will realize there's a "sign" from destiny.


The puzzle will unfold - when you actually feel NOTHING from some people - whilst you can be sure - if you feel a WARMTH from others - then they too - feel the same warmth from you - as Saturn in Sagittarius is making sure - all the destined connections are created.



16th October: Mars 13° Virgo trines Pluto 13° Capricorn - I've explained that - Mars in Leo was like a factory - you don't get to see the product nor the results of the work - until it's finished and ready to emerge. During Mars in Virgo - due to the harmonious aspects it will make with conjunct to Jupiter in Virgo - and today's trine with Pluto - you will get to see the RESULTS of effort, building, planning and hard-work of the past few months.

Mars in Virgo - from 25th September => 12th November 2015 - will show you that HARD-WORK and concentration does pay-off - especially as DESTINY will now reveal to you something REAL and GOOD for you. This is actually one of the best aspects - because DEEP inside you - you'll have a STRONG sense of knowing that you're doing what you're destined to be doing - and remarkably - all fears and lack of confidence - you've had in the past 2-3 years will now vanish.



17th October: Mars 14° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 14° Virgo - I defined above that between 12th October => 28th October 2015 - a new phase of destined stability will be formed - Destined Stability - Balance - Harmony - Peace - and the Mars conjunct Jupiter in Virgo is the centre of this stability - as it concentrates it's energies on the exactness of whatever it is you need in your life to have stability.


Mars is always compared to the ENGINE and POWER to get anything done - and when combined with Jupiter conjunction means ONLY ONE focus - and that's the determination to create SUCCESS, HARMONY and STABILITY in your life.


The astrological configuration means that you already know what you want in life - you already have the direction - and now with Mars conjunct Jupiter - means you'll be blessed with GOOD LUCK and GOOD FORTUNE to get what you need in order to have destined STABILITY in your life - [not just for now but for the next 12 months] - and not just for yourself but for everyone who's dependant on you too.


Because wanting things in your life - and without needing anything Mars conjunct Jupiter in Virgo would have no purpose - therefore it is good that you will WANT something and NEED something - because this conjunction will drive your life forward and motivate you. Mars conjunct Jupiter - gives your life a FRESH BOOST of life's energy - and you will feel it immediately - and will make the next few weeks very busy.



17th October: Venus 7° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 7° Pisces - Venus in Virgo, combined with Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Virgo - are creating a honest and truthful clarity - especially so far as "loving" relationships and what you truly "love" in your life.

You're realizing with a TRUTHFUL reality about the people who really love you and whom you love - Venus in Virgo is creating "cold" energies of NOTHINGNESS towards people whom destiny wants you to have nothing to do with. Even people you used to have feelings for - Venus oppose Neptune - is showing you there's no more "love" in the relationship - hence there's no energy either. It creates a defined line - and clarity will show you that its ended - time to move on.



22nd October: Venus 13° Virgo trines Pluto 13° Capricorn - star sign of "Virgo" wants success - the trine with Pluto - means that you will be inspired and "know" exactly what your meaning of life.

The karmic aspect means that you will find the secrets and answers to know what creates success in your life - when you look back with clarity to know and study the recipe of success from your own PAST. You have your own method of success - knowing what has worked for you in the PAST is the answer which will help you now.

Many of us - deep within ourselves "know" what works and what doesn't work for us - in our lives - unfortunately we get deceived and led-astray to "TRY" other things - but deep down we know they ain't right. Venus trine Pluto - will remind you what works for you and what doesn't work for you.

The same applies to finding NEW relationships - you know - what type of person you get on with - and you know what type never works for you. Now is time for achieving something NEW - defined by being honest with yourself and knowing yourself best.



22nd October: Mercury 13° Libra squares Pluto 13° Capricorn - this aspect is a karmic "nuisance" - it will feel like just after you've found new love in your life - an "ex" makes a reappearance - just to create instability through negativity. JUST IGNORE any communication you get - don't get involved.

Mercury in Libra is TESTING you - and to attempt to destabilize your aura. Don't let it - and if you can't control you're incoming communications / email - then switch your mobile cell-phone off - or get an new number !

However, there is a GOOD aspect to this Mercury square Pluto - and that is a SIGN from DESTINY that WHOEVER [or whatever] - comes into your life to ANNOY you - and to DISTURB your stability - is BAD for you - and needs to be kept out of - and deleted from your life forever. Your destiny - is giving you an excellent "sign" - so listen !


22nd October - Jupiter 15° Midheaven of Virgo

Arriving at Midheaven of Virgo - means by 22nd October 2015 - you will have found a new stability in your life

3 Planets in Virgo - Mars - Venus - Jupiter - in Virgo - defines - the ability to fix everything

Which I will explain more about in Next Months Astrology - Sun in Scorpio.


Generational "Neptune in Sagittarius"

Where you born between 1970 => 1985 ?

I "almost" forgot to mention - and will explain more about in Next Months Astrology - Sun in Scorpio or - if you have a reading with me. If you were you born between November 1970 and December 1985 - then you have your Neptune in Sagittarius - that's why you're going to be realizing a BIG change from within you and in your life - as sometime soon - Saturn in Sagittarius conjuncts your Neptune in Sagittarius.


Sun enters Scorpio 23rd October 2015