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Healing your Pluto

All the logical and predictable aspects of life are defined by - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

All the illogical unpredictable extra-ordinary events are defined by - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto


The power of each of the 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - is to believe that you've got "gift" to do something extra-ordinary with your life - more than just living an old-fashioned traditional and predictable life.


None of the previous generations - especially people stuck in a mindset of prior to 1989 - can believe what has happened in the world. That's because since 1989 - the 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - have been more activated than at any other time in history - activated to create extra-ordinary things to happen - activated so that you can BELIEVE in MIRACLES.


The definition of a miracle is - something that happens today - that would have been IMPOSSIBLE to HAPPEN prior to 1989 - [and would have been totally impossible to think of and believe in - prior to 1939] - hence - lots of things that we accept as "normal" are in fact MIRACLES.


The Pluto miracle - defines - making something important and intense coming true - Pluto is the further-most planet in our Solar system - it defines intensity - an obsessive focused energy of STRENGTH and DETERMINATION to want to achieve something specific with your life.


People who are easily distracted and unstable - are not able to activate their Neptune or Pluto - because - both these planets - needs 100% commitment - to the extent that your mind and thoughts are 100% attached to your Neptune and Pluto - and - making it happen.


Both Neptune and Pluto are beyond logic - these planets define illogical energies - ENERGIES that are UNLOCKED within you - specific facets of life that don't have normal limitations or boundaries.


Therefore - when you've got your Neptune and Pluto activated - you're working on "it" illogically - day and night - WITHOUT limitations - because you believe in infinity with infinity energy to accomplish your goals - all you need to do is constantly CONCENTRATE on "it".


All artists, writers, scientists, healers, creative people and even religious people - who are devoted to their Pluto and Neptune - will work non-stop with intensity - and - won't get distracted until the job is done.


Your Pluto is a powerful obsession and a specific determination to accomplish something important to you - because - your mind is FOCUSED and DEVOTED to your "dream" - your dream is your belief - your dream is the future you want to create in your life.


Your Pluto is deep within you - and - for some people born with destined gifts - you've known your Pluto mission of life for a long time - but haven't yet fulfilled "it" - Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - means - now is the destined time to accomplish your Pluto.


The Pluto problem for many people is the lack of FOCUS and DETERMINATION - Pluto says you must not to get distracted. You see - with Pluto being far-away - in order to ensure - Pluto success - you need to SWITCH-OFF to all distractions - SWITCH-OFF to listening to others - SWITCH-OFF to anything that gets in the way of your life's goals, dreams and ambition - and - SWITCH-OFF to criticism saying you can't do it.


Miracles define extra-ordinary talents and gifts - specific goals and ambitions - being "different" to others. Everyone born with STRONG astrological aspects of the 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - have been born with extra-ordinary gifts. And even you too - even today - when you realize the potential of these 3 planets - you can unlock the extra-ordinary gifts and do something extra-ordinary with your life - you too - can become a MIRACLE child.


The beginning of the biggest miracles are the moments when you wake-up with enlightened awareness and BELIEVE in MIRACLES - when you BELIEVE in MIRACLES - then - anything is possible. Healing Your 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - means - believing that miracles are possible - because - the truth is - miracles are happening all around you.




This Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto"

[14 mins audio]




Your Ability to Create Changes

Your Belief in Miracles

Whilst destiny defines fixed situations in everyone's lives - these 3 outer planets can set-you-free from destiny

Your belief that you can break-free from do something spectacular with your life is defined by Uranus - Neptune - Pluto


Let me define that every seemingly predictable aspect of your life is defined by all the other planets. The unpredictable, the most unexpected, the most unusual and the most life-changing is defined by the 3 outer planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


If you weren't influenced by Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - then you'd live and die in the same place - you'd have the same continuity from one day to the next - and - nothing dramatic would change. Therefore - EVERY FACT of your life that has created a CHANGE that isn't predictable is defined by your Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


When people do extra-ordinary things with their lives - it is done because Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - these planets define an ability to BELIEVE in the extra-ordinary - to BELIEVE in dreams - to BELIEVE that you can do something beyond what other "normal" people do - and beyond what other "normal" people think you can do.


The 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - define - EXCITEMENT - and - REBELLION from anything "fixed" - because you believe in whatever you believe in - and - you do it - in fact - these planets compel you to do it - because you know it's what life wants you to do.


Everytime something - UNEXPECTED - EXCITING - and - REBELLIOUS - from your "fixed" and predictable life would defined mould - especially when it creates a positive influence on OTHER people's lives too - then it is because your of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - are activated.


All creative people - all writers - all people of influence over others - all religious people - all singers and song-writers - all movie-makers - all scientists - all Dr's - all healers - and - I add - everything that is created on the internet that changes the lives of people - ensuring that OTHER people believe in MIRACLES - are the essence of 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


I'm not a traditional astrologer - because - I believe in 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - and - many of you have seen the predictions I've written - and to your amazement - when something UNEXPECTED happens - you think it was "me" - it wasn't - the truth is - it was your belief in my predictions that unlocked your 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - to believe in yourself.


People who don't believe in MIRACLES have got a blocked Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - and - need healing. The good news is that thanks to the "internet" - and - thanks to Gipsy's, Astrologer's and Psychic's everyone in the world - believes in MIRACLES. There are 3 types of Miracles


[1] The Uranus miracle - totally unexpected surprises - sudden changes that take you from one place to another - that take you from one life into a new life - like getting on a Plane and flying-away somewhere new and exciting. Like"internet" access - or creating a website - which - connects you to people far-away from you with energy that excites you.


[2] The Neptune miracle - a dream you have - moments of inspiration that are guiding your life - Neptune means - something that you feel is a good idea - and - then you create the reality from the dream and vision you've been given.


[3] The Pluto miracle - deep-rooted inside you - you've got a knowledge of your future - of where you belong and what you're going to be doing with your life - you know it's so TRUE for you - because - it becomes the focus and determination that you will achieve it. It will appear to be a miracle to others - but - to you - it's what drives you forwards.



This Audio - for "Healing Your Pluto - Part I - Concentration"

[16 mins audio]


Definition of Pluto


The definition of Pluto will apply specifically to you - either - [1] a goal and theme that runs through your whole life with which you're obsessed with - and - committed to - like the religion you believe in - OR - [2] a goal and theme that defines the specific window of Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024.


And whilst I would have said - prior to 2018 - that "some" people will have had no Pluto obsession in your life - from now onwards due to - Saturn in Capricorn combined with Pluto in Capricorn - will ensure you accomplish your destined destiny - because you will be fascinated by - connected to - made to be obsessed about "it" - until you accomplish "it".


Pluto will ensure you FOCUS with determination to overcome your karmic bad-luck and obstacles you've had - because - Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn will show you - that when you DON'T GET DISTRACTED - and - when you're FOCUSED - you can overcome all obstacles.


Pluto & Saturn in Capricorn - will ensure - once you've done what life wants you to do - once you've set your soul free - you will feel accomplished and become free to live the rest of your life - as your Pluto ensures you accomplish your karmic and destined obligations.


Pluto defines your ability to THINK-DEEPLY with INTENSITY - let me give you examples of Pluto thoughts - your PIN number - is unforgettable and memorable - you can't forget it - and - won't ever forget it. The religion you believe in - is unforgettable to you - the prayers you chant are deeply embedded within you.


When you study for your college exams - if - you believe in your studies - then you'll memorize everything. When you don't believe in your studies - you won't be able to engrave the knowledge in your mind.


Everything that you believe to be VITALLY important to you - Pluto will ensure your deep-mind remembers it forever - never forgets it - stays connected to it - even after many years - Pluto will always ensure - some facets have DEEP memories in your mind. Even after many lifetimes - your soul will remember intense energies.


Now - I should say - that "some" people can't think deep during immature and unimportant years of your life. In fact, there will be phases of your life that have no Pluto energy associated with it - that you've completely forgotten the events and the people. Even "ex's" from the past - become meaningless - if there was no Pluto intensity associated with it.


The memories of Pluto are much more than all the other planets - because - Pluto gives your life power. Pluto is the most precious facets of your life. Pluto is like the most valuable possessions you've got - except - Pluto is defined by the most powerful experiences of your life. Pluto is often associated with SEX - because - specific "SEXUAL" moments - are so intense - they're unforgettable.



Pluto gives you intense thoughts

Pluto will give you the power of concentrating on something - so you remember it forever and ever


There are moments in all your lives that are totally unforgettable - there are specific things that your destiny wants you to remember - that you will never ever forget even from one lifetime to another lifetime - even from your prior existence to this earthly existence - certain specific things that Pluto needs you to concentrate on and to focus on - Pluto will make you OBSESSED with - UNTIL - you achieve it.


Pluto has deeply inserted the experiences you need to achieve and experience - even if don't know what it is - Pluto will ensure you feel the need for "it" - for something more than you've got - until - you've achieved "it". Let me give you example of Pluto intensity - "SEX".


Every adult - everyone at every phase of life - especially every young teenager and someone who's never had "SEX" - will be given - deep and obsessive Pluto energies of wanting "SEX" - even though they've never had "it". Pluto will drive them crazy to get "it" - UNTIL - they succeed and get "it".


Once you've had it - in fact - after the 1st time you've had "SEX" - you felt like it was truly a MIRACLE - the Pluto experiences makes you feel that you've accomplished something BIG and LIFE-CHANGING. Pluto gives you the satisfaction that you were obsessed by something - and - then you achieved "it".


I should add - that even when you've had "it" - unless - it correlates with the perfect deep-rooted Pluto energy wants you to feel - then Pluto will leave you unsatisfied - UNTIL - you find what Pluto wants you to find. Pluto will ensure - that "it" becomes an obsession - UNTIL - you achieve "it" - the good news is that - Pluto ensures you will get "it".


Pluto has embedded DEEP-WITHIN you - a desire for something that it needs you to achieve. Only when you've found "it" and achieved "it" - then - Pluto has done it's job. For many of you - you're already in the middle of "it" - for many of you - prior to 2008 - you already achieved it. But now - from January 2018 - Pluto is making you want something MORE - because of Saturn in Capricorn.


Once you realize this DEEP-WITHIN-YOU facet of Pluto is making you want something MORE - then - you can find out what "it" is - and - achieve "it". Feeling something without knowing why you're something is painful. Pluto has created the pain - to ensure - you read this chapter and page on the internet !



Healing Your Pluto

Most intense facets of your Life

Most people just want to "exist" - but - Pluto creates the intense need for a strong purpose in life

Pluto will give you obsession to want something - without even knowing what it is you truly want


Pluto will have different stages and different meanings for everyone. Pluto for everyone defines the deep-rooted desire for real meaning of your life. For most people - the 1st activation of Pluto is the human instinctive need and desire for "SEX". Thereafter, each phase in life - defined by what Pluto is making you obsessed by will defined what's most important in your life.


Whereas wanting "sex" can be irritating, annoying and frustrating especially if you can't find anyone you want - at least - you know that Pluto is making you want "sex". The problem for many people - especially during Mid-Life-Crisis - between 30 => 42 years old - is wanting something but you don't even know what "it" is that you want. Pluto will make you irritable and frustrated until you get "it".


Pluto defines YOUR deep-rooted intensity - Pluto is ensuring only YOU know what "it" is that life is making you want. The purpose of Pluto is to drive you forwards to ensure you achieve it - the purpose of Pluto is NOT to make you frustrated about something that you'll never ever achieve - even though at times - and - until you see what it is - you might get frustrated like a nerdy teenager unable to find a boyfriend or girlfriend to have sex with.


Pluto - because - it is associated with the mysterious and the furthermost planet in our Solar system - doesn't make it easy - and - doesn't always become activated until the Mid-Life years of 30 => 50 - but - when it does become activated - it will make you want something MORE without telling what "it" is.


The LUCKY ones - will have been born with a young-activated Pluto - and - from early age - you will know that your life has GOALS and PURPOSE. Often all religious people - inventors - scientists - artists and creative talented people - are born with highly active Pluto.


These people are given intense and obsessive nature - to want to accomplish something BIG with their lives - and with total commitment and self-sacrifice - they will do what Pluto wants them to do. Pluto is NOT lazy - which means - activated Pluto - will make someone work day-and-night to be a success.


When you've got exams to study for - your Pluto will create the intense last-minute urgency to study and memorize the details. When you've got a dead-line at work - Pluto will create the urgency to concentrate to get the job done. When you've got an activated Pluto - you will ignore all the stupid, meaningless things of life and all the time-wasting stuff - and - DEDICATE your life to accomplishing "it".


So - ask yourself - is there something in your life that is creating the intense urgency to do "it"? Or - are you in the initial stages of feeling frustrated - without knowing what you're frustrated about - are you missing something without knowing what you're missing.


Healing Your Pluto - means - recognizing that if you're inexplicably frustrated about something - then you need to RELAX because it's Pluto making you feel that way - don't let Pluto spoil other facets of your life. You see - some desperate people ruin their lives - because they want to experience Pluto - it's fragile to neglect other important facets of life which define STABILITY - unless you're mature and old-enough to do "Pluto" without it affecting your stability.


Unless - you want to become like a priest or nun - and - sacrifice your normal life for higher goals - then - Pluto is merely supposed to work behind the scenes of your life. However, if you feel obsessed by whatever Pluto is making you want - especially after the age of 45 - then - you'll need to SACRIFICE facets of "normal" life to succeed.



This Audio - for "Healing Your Pluto - Part II - Achievement and Peace"

[15 mins audio ]


Pluto gives you determination and

intense strength to make it happen


The Pluto miracle - defines - making something important and intense coming true - Pluto is the further-most planet in our Solar system - it defines intensity - an obsessive focused energy of STRENGTH and DETERMINATION to want to achieve something specific with your life.


Pluto - I should add - is not a continuous energy - Pluto creates intense moments - windows of greatness - when you get the urgent urgency to want and desire something to happen. And then - you get on a do it.


Let me give you example - say you're far-away from where you've got a wedding to go to - or - funeral to go to - then - Pluto - your intense desire to want to be there - will make you travel through the night - take long-haul flights - make a sacrifice with your life - in order to be satisfy your Pluto.


For those of you - who are scientists, writers, inventors and musicians - you know that you can't focus on "it" - all the time - the inventive intense moments of creativity come to you when Pluto is activated - and - then - [like me on this website] - you will do so much in a short window of intensity that will satisfy Pluto - and - here is my point - thereafter - you can get on with your normal life.




Healing Pluto - doing "it" immediately

Sacrificing a Phase of Your life for a specific goal

Pluto defines that need to accomplish that "goal" - You know what "it" is - and - you will do it

Healing Your Pluto - means - knowing what "it" is - and - knowing that your will accomplish "it"


Pluto - when activated is not lazy - in fact Pluto doesn't know the meaning of "stop" when it's got started - that's because Pluto recognizes that very FEW people in the world would do anything - if - Pluto doesn't make them. When something urgent needs to happen - Pluto will make it happen.


Pluto recognizes that truth that - humans would do NOTHING - and - humans are LAZY - so Pluto creates the urgency of dead-lines and obsessive concentration of a one-tracked mind in order to get the job done. Pluto doesn't mind who in the world does the job's that need doing for the benefit of humanity - provided that the job's get done.


Pluto emits to the world - intense energy - that - cures can be found - inventions can be invented - healing can be understood - enlightenment of wisdom can heal and that change will be happening for everyone.


Pluto will get the destined job done - and - whoever is sensitive - intune with Pluto - listening to Pluto - willing to do the job - will be energized by Pluto. All that Pluto asks whilst you're doing "it" - is - you don't get distracted - focus - concentrate - do it immediately - and - then you'll succeed.



Commitment to Higher Purpose

Specific people have been born with strong Pluto which creates the need for a Higher purpose in their life

Priests, Nuns, Healers - anyone who devotes their lives to Higher goal - without care for their own lives


Whilst this sounds like a specific message to a few scientists - it isn't - it is pertainable to intense moments of your life - when ONLY YOU are the only person in the whole world that can do what you need to do - as a messenger of Pluto.


Let me explain - when you have SEX with someone - whilst you think you're the one benefiting - you are a messenger of Pluto to the other person to - you are energizing their lives when you have sex with them.


Artists, scientists, writers and astrologers - as they are listening to Pluto - and doing something for OTHER people - they're actually benefiting greatly from feeling Pluto energies in their life. Pluto is like an addiction to pure energy.


When you grow-up and realize that whenever you do something powerful for OTHER people - you're actually healing yourself - it makes you want to do something MORE for OTHERS - because in being of service to others - you're energizing yourself.


Normally - Pluto only truly becomes activated when you're older and wiser - when you realize how powerful it is - when you do something GOOD for OTHER PEOPLE - by your words, by your actions and by your transformative Pluto ability to improve the quality of life for OTHERS who need and can't do it for themselves.


I should add - that ANYTHING you do that enhances and changes the lives of other people is a definition of Pluto - you will know what you do for others - as - Pluto gives you that internal powerful energy to know that you're doing something important.


Even - a street-cleaner, garbage-collector and gardener has got Pluto energies activated - as they are transforming the world - and hence improving the quality of life of other people. Internet writers, bloggers, campaigners, musicians, politicians are all working with Pluto - to - transform the lives of other people - to make the world a better place.


In spite of the garbage you've read about destructive quality of Pluto - NONE of the planets create destruction. Humans in their worst format create suffering of other people, death and destruction - Pluto has the aim - to make the world a better place - and sometimes that means clearing-up the "garbage".


Pluto - given the name after a GOD of WAR - is supposed to define WAR as eliminating evil from the world. And during karmic years of 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - Saturn in Capricorn & Pluto in Capricorn - will ensure - Pluto will transform the world to a peaceful place with quality of life.



Healing Pluto defines Peace

Pluto gives you past-life thoughts

The inexplicable intensity of thoughts - which are deep-inside you - are Pluto talking to you

Pluto will keep-you away from danger - Pluto will ensure you're connected to what's right for you


Pluto defines long-term stability - not just in this lifetime but for eternity. Pluto will ensure everyone feels PEACE deep inside you - what "It" is that will make you feel at PEACE with yourself - is merely - Pluto talking to you.


Pluto will define truthful thoughts deeply embedded in your soul - past-life thoughts that will ensure you keep-away from things that are bad for you - and - will ensure you find what is right for you. This applies to all relationships - and - to countries and religions too - when you - get connected to something that is truly RIGHT for you - you feel it deep within you.


Whenever - and if ever - you've had "panic" attacks - then you know - it makes you feel intensely that something is WRONG with your life. Everyone has at one time felt VERY BAD VIBES from "some" people - because - Pluto is giving you BAD vibes - because - Pluto is telling you something is WRONG.


Pluto is constantly telling everyone to keep--away from danger - and - to listen to the message of PEACE. Everyone knows that the right way to behave is PEACE and HARMONY. When you're in a bad relationship then you don't feel at "peace" - because - Pluto is making you feel that way. When you're in a bad place - you feel scared and frightened - because - Pluto is talking to you too.


Pluto wants you to be at PEACE with goodness in your life. And - therefore - the illogical energies of Pluto - will ensure you keep-away from anything bad for you - and - will ensure you find what's good for you.


Even if you've not been at PEACE in the past few years - Pluto in 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - will ensure you FIND PEACE in your life with determination to overcome your karmic bad-luck and obstacles you've had - because - Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn will show you - that when you DON'T GET DISTRACTED - and - when you're FOCUSED - you can overcome all obstacles - and - find PEACE.




Healing Pluto defines Peace

The inexplicable intensity of thoughts - which are deep-inside you - are Pluto talking to you


Each and everytime you move forwards in life - out of instability and into stability - out of immaturity and into maturity - out of being "stupid" and into being sensible - you're creating Pluto in your aura. Pluto makes you appear to be SOLID to everyone who sees you.


A Dr when he examines you, defines what's wrong with and prescribes medicine - the Dr is SOLID - the Dr doesn't even need to talk much - because the aura of expertise is around the Dr. The same with all grown-ups - an aura of mature confidence surrounds someone who is genuine and SOLID.


At each phase of your life Pluto is there to ensure you grow-up into becoming a confident and solid person. Pluto defines long-term stability - and - attracts - the next stage of success and stability into your life - because - you're emitting the right energies of being SOLID.


The reason you'll attract the genuine good luck and miracles that Pluto will create for you - is because - you're more grown-up and responsible - the more SOLID you are - the more at PEACE with yourself you are - the more you'll attract what Pluto will give you.


Pluto will never give you anything for free - Pluto will give it to you - because you've earned it by working-hard on yourself to be of service and usefulness to the world. After you've found peace in your life - if Pluto doesn't want you to do anything more - if Pluto doesn't need you to do anything more with your life - then - Pluto will leave you alone.


But you should know - when Pluto needs you to re-engage with doing what it wants you to do - then via the inner intense transformative energies - the obsessive desires of wanting to do whatever life wants you to do - then nothing will stop you - and - you'll do it.


Indeed, Pluto is one of the reason why - "some" people will never retire and do nothing with the end of their lives - because - when - Pluto is fully activated by age of 60 - thereafter Pluto will never want to let you do nothing. Pluto will ensure - you're placed to be wherever you are of service to humanity.


The only reason why I see - astrologically - that during 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - Pluto will create lots of dramatic changes by eliminating instability in the World - and - creating long-term stability - defined by PEACE is because of - Pluto in Capricorn - which - combined with Saturn in Capricorn - Neptune in Pisces - Uranus in Taurus - has the recipe for pure PEACE. Pluto says - "grow-up and live-in-peace".


Whatever "it" is that defines INSTABILITY in your life will be eliminated from your life by Pluto - and - whatever it is that defines STABILITY and GOODNESS will be shown clearly to you too. All you have to do is don't get distracted and focus on what "peace" and "stability" means to you.



Healing Pluto defines a Miracle

Everytime you focus on Pluto - You have a breakthrough of success defined by Pluto - it makes you feel it's a Miracle


Each and everytime you move forwards in life - out of instability and into stability - out of immaturity and into maturity - out of being "stupid" and into being sensible - you're creating Pluto in your aura.


Whilst Pluto makes you appear to be SOLID and self-confident to everyone who sees you. Pluto does something more than that - Pluto makes you feel the enormous satisfaction with yourself - that you've had a MAJOR breakthrough in your life.


The 1st time you have had "SEX" - Pluto makes you become an adult living in an adult-relationship - Pluto makes you feel grown-up inside you. The same - everytime you do something Pluto - related - gives you a sense of wholesomeness and respectable sensibility in your aura.




Pluto in Capricorn - Worldwide Peace

Astrologically - The 7 Years from 2013 until 2020 - Pluto's transformation - you'll see this unfold in 2018

The astrologically destined events of the "end time" leading to a time of World Peace are already in motion

We are now on the destined journey to DIVINE peace on Earth and the complete cleansing of all past-life karma


Charts with Thanks to


The Outer Planets Forming the Karma of the Generation

All of humanity is becoming enlightened with spiritual wisdom and wholesomeness to want to live in Peace

Although "some" nations might not want to live-in-peace - Pluto will ensure "they" grow-up and desire peace




Audio's for Healing-Your-Pluto

I've created the following audio's on this page - for - Healing your Pluto




[1] Audio - for "Introduction to Healing Your 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto" [14 mins audio]


[2] Audio - for "Healing Your Pluto - Part I - Concentration" [16 mins audio]


[3] Audio - for "Healing Your Pluto - Part II - Achievement and Peace" [15 mins audio]






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