The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Kochvei Or ספר כוכבי אור

The Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology.

The 7th Book of Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

Sefer Kochvei Or ספר כוכבי אור



The Universal Astrological Clock is Preparing the Future of Peace

There is no doubt that the prophecy of דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel will come true; a destined time in the history of the World when each of us will find the "The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment". This time will be a great time when everyone on Earth will be living in peace, harmony and calmness with everything and everyone on Earth.

The powerful energies of "Peace & Love" cannot be departmentalized; either one is 100% loving and peaceful or one isn't; if a person dislikes or feels uncomfortable with anyone or anything that is on Earth created by the Divine GOD - then it means a person has not attained pure spiritual enlightenment. You might think this is impossible to attain - but it will be and it is destined to be as we will all see in the next 9 years.

You might think that I am making-this-nonsense-up; however thanks to the prophetic words of Book of Daniel which explains this; teachings of Jesus Christ that reveal it; and our wonderful modern world of the internet where so much information is now available confirms this to us - I can GUARANTEE all readers - it will happen - an idealistic and a real destined time when there will be "Peace on Earth".

A Future of World Peace, Love, Harmony & Spiritual Enlightenment

The astrological proof - see the chart below ; A very possible date by when we will have peace-on-earth is by 5th January 2020

It could be sooner - but the perfect astrological recipe is when Pluto & Saturn are in Capricorn; Uranus is in Taurus & Neptune in Pisces.

[Charts are with thanks to]

From the astrological chart above for January 2020 this indicates that the unique period in the history of mankind of spiritual enlightenment will transcend for EVERYONE. It will NOT come "magically" by 1 person claiming to be a "Messiah and redeemer of mankind" that myth is utter fictitious nonsense. Although I should add that over the next 8 years there will be many people faking and claiming to be the "Messiah" but they will all be frauds, fakes and liars, even if they convince and fool people with their magical powers because the prophecy of the "Messiah" was only applicable BEFORE the destruction of the 2nd temple in 70 AD and referred to Jesus Christ.

The period of spiritual enlightenment will come to EVERYONE; in the same way that whilst Neptune was in Aquarius it brought the "internet" gradually to everyone - so to with Neptune in Pisces - spiritual enlightenment will come gradually to everyone. We will all become spiritually enlightened, living in tune with the Divine Eternal spiritual world of souls, and in the same way there is peace in the spiritual realms - there will be peace on Earth. All people's of all nations and of all religions will learn, appreciate and see the profound wisdom in ALL the prophets of the world from all the diverse religions, for pure wisdom is transcended from same ETERNAL DIVINE GOD as we are all connected to the same Eternal source of wisdom and knowledge.

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One of the few last remaining original printed books in Hebrew "Sefer Kochvei Or"

Printed in London 1972 and signed by the Author - Rabbi Elisha Halevei Rozenfeld zt"l



המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness,

and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever"

דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3 - The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם