The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

World-Wide Astrology Predictions for 2015

Written by the author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or The Book of Stars of Light Spiritual Astrology

To be read in conjunction with "The Month's Astrological Events" , "Next Months Astrology"

"This Weeks" Planetary Movements & Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה


Astrology of The Outer Planets in 2015

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in 2015

"2015" is going to be a fascinating year - defined by all your different kinds of karmic relationships with people and places


The Year 2015 starts with:-

Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius

Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn


Mars starts the year at 21° Aquarius

12th January - Mars enters Pisces

20th February - Mars enters Aries

31st March - Mars enters Taurus

12th May - Mars enters Gemini

24th June - Mars enters Cancer

8th August - Mars enters Leo

25th September - Mars enters Virgo

12th November - Mars enters Libra


Jupiter starts the year at 21° retrograde in Leo

9th April - Jupiter goes direct 12° Leo

22nd June - Jupiter 20° Leo trines Uranus 20° Aries

11th August - Jupiter enters Virgo

17th September - Jupiter 8° Virgo opposes Neptune 8° Pisces

12th October - Jupiter 13° Virgo trines Pluto 13° Capricorn

Jupiter ends the year 23° Virgo


Saturn starts the year at 0°52' Sagittarius

15th March - Saturn goes retrograde at 4°56' Sagittarius

15th June - Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio

2nd August - Saturn goes direct at 28°17' Scorpio

16th September - Saturn re-enters Sagittarius

Saturn ends the year at 11°02' Sagittarius


Uranus starts the year at 12°37' Aries

26th July - Uranus goes retrograde at 20°30' Aries

26th December - Uranus direct at 16°34' Aries


Neptune starts the year at 5°23' direct in Pisces

12th June: Neptune goes retrograde at 9°49' Pisces

19th November: Neptune goes direct at 7°01' Pisces

Neptune ends the year at 7°31' Pisces


Pluto starts the year at 13°10' Capricorn

17th April: Pluto goes retrograde at 15°33' Capricorn

25th September: Pluto goes direct at 12°58' Capricorn

Pluto ends the year at 15°01' Capricorn


This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets

"השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף"

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in 2015

"2013" created a foundation of a new beginning and ensure you began to think - to redefine your Pathway in life

"2014" created "new" brilliant modern methods of doing things and obliterated all bad negative and dysfunctional methods

"2015" will ensure you use your experiences of 2012, 2013 & 2014 - and put them all collectively to practical use in real life


Understanding the Inner & Outer Planets Energies

When understanding "astrology" we departmentalize the planets in our solar system into 2 groups; the inner planets - that is the planets whose orbit's are between the planet Earth and the Sun; and the outer planets that are located from planet Earth to space beyond. In very basic terms if you can imagine and think of transcending astrological energies from outer space - the OUTER EDGE and END of our SOLAR SYSTEM which we call the אין סוף - "Ein Sof" - The "INFINITY of the outer Ether"- as they transcend to the realms of our Universe and enter the orbits of the "outer planets" before they arrive at the Earth's orbit; whereas energies being emitted from the centre of our solar system the Sun pass through realms of the "inner planets" before reaching Earth.

When considering the DIVINE DECREES and DIVINE energies - spiritual astrology teaches that we need to comprehend the energies that transcend from the OUTER ETHER.


The Sun, Mercury, Venus & Moon - Inner Planets

The energies of our Solar system are emitted from the central energy of our solar system - the Sun - these energies arrive at Earth after passing through the orbits and realms of Mercury, Venus and then through the realms of Earth's physical Guardian protector - the Moon. Whether or not Sun's energies pass directly through these planets isn't necessarily relevant - what is relevant is that the Sun's energies pass through the orbit of the inner planets in order to reach Earth.

The energy that transcends is triggered and collected in each orbit it passes through and where the planets of Sun, Mercury, Venus & Moon is in relation to Earth and in which degree of which star sign as viewed from Earth - is the indication to astrologers as to the energy that can transcend to us on Earth; this daily unique specific code of astrological energy is the code that astrologers understand and use to make accurate predictions.

Understanding spiritual "astrology" is the ability to read this map and code of the Universe - a good mathematician can be a good astrologer for it is a precise and accurate art - but only a good spiritual astrologer can interpret the real meaning as ONLY with a belief in the Eternal Divine Creator of this Universe can one appreciate the ascendance and transcendence of energies.


Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - Outer Planets

The transcendence of energies from the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether of far beyond our Solar system is the energy of the Eternal Divine Creator of the whole infinite Universe with its multitude of galaxies and stars; these transcending energies into our solar system come from the infinite ether beyond; they transcend through the orbits and and realms of the outer planets before they arrive at Earth. Therefore when we consider the energies that our being bestowed upon Earth we need to consider the transcending energies through orbits of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

Hence, for example, when we cannot understand why Saturn - planet of karma, destiny and judgment allows bad things to happen - we have to spiritually consider that we deserve such pain into our lives because the Universal Divine has transcended these energies to Earth where people and countries are not fulfilling their true destiny. It is nothing explicable nor clear like the Sun's energies - it is hidden, invisible and has transcended from the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether.

It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether - because it's energies will transcend to Earth to affect our lives whether we like it or not. However, it is the job of a good astrologer to read these transcending energies to comprehend the spiritual mysteries of life on Earth. For each of the STAR SIGNS are indeed called the כיפה עליונה "Kipah Elyona" "OUTER shell of our Universe" - as they allow the DIVINE astrological energies to transcend to our Universe - and create the energies we SEE in real life on Earth.


Astrology of The Outer Planets in 2015

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in 2015

"2015" is going to be a fascinating year in real-life terms and with many inexplicable destined karmic events


"2015" will be defined by a new optimism when all the experiences of the past 3-4 years - since Uranus entered Aries in March 2011, since Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011, since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and especially since Saturn entered Scorpio in October 2012 - will now all be collectively used to create the best version of your life.

The year "2015" technically starts on 22nd December 2014 - when Uranus went direct in Aries and when Saturn entered Sagittarius - each and everyday you will be getting stronger, more optimistic and more excited about this new phase of life that Saturn in Sagittarius is creating for everyone in the world and which lasts for the next 3 years - until December of 2017.


Saturn in Sagittarius defines a Big Change

Throughout the Whole World and in everyone's lives

Moon Astrology explains how the Moon forms an aura of energy around the world - and depending on which star sign the Moon is in - it unlocks the transcending astrological energies. The Moon is the nearest Planet to Earth - and it's proximity circling the Earth - creates the PROTECTIVE aura.

The Outer Planets - also create an AURA around everything they circle - hence Pluto has the greatest effect of letting in energies from the outer ether - then Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. As explained Saturn entering Sagittarius - was going to be BIG - but it was only AFTER Saturn entered Sagittarius - that I realized how BIG and IMPORTANT it will be from now and until December 2017.


That's because - Saturn in Scorpio allowed negative energies to transcend - and because it was in the negative star sign of Scorpio - the aura it created was negative - so instinctively everyone either became "negative" or became introvert and closed in order to protect oneself from the negative energies - just like you take precautions during a storm. Therefore - things you did, decisions you made and experiences you had during Saturn in Scorpio - was done in the cloud of negativity defined by the aura of Saturn in Scorpio.


Now that Saturn has entered Sagittarius - the negative phase is over - and the whole inner aura from Saturn inwards - is now positive - completely transformed to be positive - and now you'll see life in an aura of POSITIVE energy. This NEW POSITIVE clarity will increase each and everyday during Saturn in Sagittarius - and therefore you'll undo many decisions you've made in the past 2-3 years - and make positive decisions in SYNC with being POSITIVE.


Simultaneously and until August 2015 - due to Jupiter in Leo a trine is formed Uranus in Aries to Saturn in Sagittarius - all in positive fire signs - none of which are making any aspects to Neptune or Pluto - so the pathway and aura of transcending POSITIVE astrological energies is completely OPEN.

POSITIVE things that should have happened in your life - as far back as 2011 and even 2008 - will now be unlocked by Saturn in Sagittarius. And unlike the Moon - Saturn doesn't need to wait - it's energies are immediate. Hence, you can expect the unexpected GOODNESS to transcend at anytime of anyday.

Image reproduced by Courtesy of NASA

Saturn in Sagittarius - will redefine your existence as it will instinctively make you see that something needs to change. In fact - things you accepted and convinced yourself were right for you during Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012 - you will now change your mind - and probably do the opposite - as Sagittarius defines living-life. Living the REAL life - you were born to live on Earth.


Let me be direct, blunt and honest - if you were meant to do nothing with your life and if you had no purpose nor destiny in REAL life on Earth - then you'd be DEAD. Saturn in Scorpio - would either have killed you or made you feel DEAD in those facets of your life - as it ensured everything that has no purpose or destiny in your future on Earth - "died".


Saturn in Sagittarius - will be doing the opposite - it is LIFE - generating energy and it's destined purpose is to wake-you up and come ALIVE - and will ensure that everyone who has purpose and destiny in YOUR REAL life becomes excited and alive to be connected with you. You will feel the positive vibrant life-giving energy by the warmth and excitement you sense from everything and everyone in YOUR life.


And like all astrological energies - although it's invisible - you know it's real because your aura receives the positive energy - when just like days when you feel the warmth of the Sunshine on your face - Saturn in Sagittarius will make you glow and become excited even on a cloudy day. Instead of wanting to be lazy and do nothing - Saturn in Sagittarius will make you want to live life and do something - the key of which is to DO SOMETHING POSITIVE in the world - together with OTHER PEOPLE. Because it creates the inexplicable positive energy between you and everything and everyone - you're destined to have any "future" destiny with.


If you aren't to have any destiny with and if you weren't destined to feel anything POSITIVE - then you'd feel nothing - the fact that you desire, want and need the connections with people, things and places in REAL life - means that Saturn in Sagittarius is doing it's job and making the connection between your aura and theirs. The purpose of which you will see between January => July 2015 - although many of you will see the purpose in all your connections and relationships that DESTINY is connecting you to - by March/April 2015.


The Outer Planets define Generational Changes

"2015" will have 4 distinct Periods

[1] 1st January => 17th March [2] March => July [3] August => 18th September [4] 18th September => December 2015


[1] & [2] from 1st January => July 2015 - will be positively vibrant and get stronger, busier, more optimistic and more vibrant each and every day, every week and every month from January until end of July 2015 - it will take everyone on a non-stop journey - a journey of REAL life - when every facet of your life comes alive - it begins by unblocking any blockages, dead-ends or negativity - and thereby awakening you to fundamental changes and then through the excitement of a specific positive NEW destined change that happens in January 2015 - it ensures all facets of your life comes "alive" and changes too.

During [3] the 3rd stage of the year - will be time for reflection and cleaning-up any negativity, karmic garbage, healing relationships that need healing and deleting anything that is BAD for you. This period will act like a filter to ensure - you're holding onto nothing that you're no longer meant to be holding onto. This period will ensure you have the opportunities to look-back and reconnect with anyone who has caused you problems in the "past" - except the reconnections will be healed, mended or forgiven.

Thereafter [4] will ensure - you rise to a new level of destined growth - a universal growth that all of humanity will be ready for - and a period of profound happiness for everyone everywhere. As collectively - everyone realizes the need to find ways to work together with the right people whilst avoiding and not even being attached to anyone who isn't right for your destiny.


[1] 1st January => 17th March 2015

The Journey to the "future" - 17th March 2015 - Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn

The Final Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn - when Uranus in Aries wins and takes the lead


The last time for next 90 years that Uranus squares Pluto will be on 17th March 2015, when Uranus in Aries ends the "square" with Pluto in Capricorn by taking the lead into the "future". It accomplishes this by accepting the "past", forgiving the "past" and leaving the "past" in the past.

Therefore from the moment when Uranus goes direct in Aries on 22nd December 2014 and until 17th March 2015 - will begin a final journey of finishing the "past" - AND - simultaneously you'll do this because you're beginning the "future" - a "future" which actually began unfolding since March 2011 - and a "future" which you saw glimpses of between March => July 2012 ; between March => July 2013 ; and again between March => July 2014.


From the moment since Uranus entered Aries in March 2011 - it has been trying to create a NEW FUTURE for everyone on Earth - and if not for the square to Pluto in Capricorn - the future would already have happened. But due to the constant SQUARE to Pluto in Capricorn - none of us have been able to truly enjoy the NEW FUTURE that Uranus in Aries is destined to bring.


Even though you've had glimpses and you may have even moved forward in your life to be in the right place with the right people doing the right things - but due to the Uranus in Aries - square - Pluto in Capricorn you're still dealing with karmic "stuff" from the "past" and still connected to the "past". This includes, things in your life, people in your life, attitudes, events and experiences embedded on your persona, in your mind and in your aura - that might be preventing you from truly being the NEW version of NEW YOU.


Uranus in Aries has it's final square to Pluto in Capricorn on 17th March 2015 - which means from the moment when Uranus goes direct on 22nd December 2014 and until 17th March 2015 - the destined journey to the future is ON - all you'll need to do is FORGIVE the "past" - detach from the "past" - let the "past" go - allow yourself to change your attitudes to "life" - because Uranus square Pluto means - you won't be able to hold-onto it anyway - so accept - whatever life will be showing you as karmic signs of letting-go of the "past". And wherever there's any conflict within you - it's a sign to LET-GO of "it". It's no good for you - and never will be good - so let-go of all the badness.


Whatever "it" is - "it" will happen between 3rd January 2015 => 17th March 2015 - and "it" will happen - because Saturn in Sagittarius will be supportive to ensure "it" happens - but the reason WHY "it" will happen - is because NOTHING will be preventing or blocking it from happening. Whatever "it" is - will be specific to each and everyone - and will indeed redefine at least the next 15-20 years of your life - and is something you've been wanting ever since Uranus entered Aries in March 2011.


During this 1st period of the year - 3rd January 2015 => 17th March 2015 - if there's anything you're holding onto - that needs to go - that needs changing - that has created an inexplicable karmic blockage to your ability to live the life you're destined to live - that that facet - will be revealing and sorted-out forever.

On the "world" scene - this means all troubled situations will have to be resolved peacefully - and in your personal lives - if anyone is causing blockages that are preventing you from living life - they will either change their minds to stop blocking your destiny or vanish from your life forever - that they're unable to create any more blockages.

Mysterious things, events and situations will happen - and if you didn't understand astrology then some of the things wouldn't make sense - as they'll seem totally illogical - and yet - Uranus square Pluto by 17th March 2015 - is ensuring - everything from the "past" is either deleted or resolved - so that the "future" can begin and be in your life forever.



[2] Vibrant and Alive - 17th March => July 2015

The New Zodiac Year "2015" Begins with Sun in Aries 20th March 2015

Which will define "2015" as a life-changing year for everyone everywhere


These 3 outer Planets in Positive Fire Signs

Uranus in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Leo


In fact - the 3 planets - Uranus in Aries - March 2011 => May 2018 - trine - Saturn in Sagittarius December 2014 => December 2017 [With the exception of Saturn retrograde back into Scorpio between 16th June 2015 => 17th September 2015] - trine - Jupiter in Leo until 11th August 2015 - will ensure that everyone becomes active - as doing nothing - won't be an option.


I explained on Month of "Sun in Sagittarius" that Sagittarian energies are superficial - Sagittarian energies are surface energies that stimulate and excite people to enter the phase of life that destiny wants them to enter - even though logically they wouldn't normally - but they do - because inexplicably something EXCITES them to. In this real world - we all need to be enticed into doing something - by the energy we receive from it or the fact that it makes us feel more alive when we do it. The more positive it appears to be - the more we will be enticed and the more energy we get when we actually do it. If you didn't feel more alive by anything you do - you wouldn't do anything - but because inexplicably from NOWHERE - you get energy to do things - that's why you carry on doing them.


I often look at the motivating factors behind every successful person - as it indicates what drives and motivates them - whatever "it" is - "it" might appear to be superficial, earthly and "glitzy" - but "it" does it for them - and makes them happy to continue doing it - most importantly it generates more energy when doing "it". Saturn in Sagittarius might appear to be creating a lot of energy through things that are earthly and superficial - but "it" works and people are coming alive because they're seeing there's a "future" to look forward to.


Optimism is inbuilt - you either feel optimistic or pessimistic - you either believe in the "future" or you don't. We've all experienced moments in the past 2-4 years - when we lost hope in life - lost hope in a "future" - lost hope in finding "love" or being successful - it was a pessimistic energy - but now - Saturn in Sagittarius is informing you - that optimism has arrived - and the fact that you're alive and living means destiny has defined you have purpose - and that purpose is to be part of the rest of humanity - to have a "future" - to find "love" - to have loving relationships - and most importantly you enjoy the gift of life and love life.


If you didn't love living - you wouldn't be alive!

Grand Trine - Stability through relationships - Uranus in Aries - trine - Saturn in Sagittarius - trine - Jupiter in Leo


Depression is often a sign of "death" - a disconnection from "life" energies - therefore the opposite of depression is when you're alive - connected to "life" energies - everything and anything that does "it" for you - whatever "it" is that makes you come alive. Saturn in Sagittarius has now connected you with and reconnecting you with everything that makes you come alive.


Now many of you - might think I'm so spiritual that I don't see things in this world - but the truth is being spiritually minded - means combining the reality of living in the REAL world - with REAL feelings and enjoying everything in this REAL world - whilst using the positive energies generated in REAL life - to awaken facets and energize facets - within your mind, thoughts and soul. When you feel "turned-on" - you feel alive - and when you're alive physically - you're also alive mentally and alive spiritually too!


Prior to when you begin "work" or do anything - in fact - there are moments when you're lying in bed in the morning before you get-up that you can't move - you can't do anything - because you don't feel able to do anything. At such moments you could say - your soul isn't back in your body - but the moment - you get-up and start moving - the moment you start "work" - is the moment you become CONNECTED to the energy that energizes you. That's because you're doing what your destiny wants you to do.


During the past few years - you might had done whatever you've done - to just "survive" - however - Saturn in Sagittarius starts a period of expansion - when you will do what you do - because you LOVE doing it - because you LOVE life - because you LOVE the people you're doing it with - and because collectively everything and everyone makes you feel so CONNECTED and so ALIVE - that you want to do more than just "survive" - this phase of life will make you want to LIVE LIFE.


There's a typical facet of Sagittarian's and that's they love all people - whereas grumpy people naturally look to find fault in others - Sagittarian's always like to see the goodness in people - driven by the genuine warmth they feel from others - Sagittarian's like being amongst other people. Saturn in Sagittarius will do MORE than that for you - it will instinctively guide you to whatever destiny knows will make you feel the warmth - the warmth your destiny is looking for.

The grand trine of outer planets in fire signs from 22nd December 2014 => 16th June 2015 means - stability through relationships as - Uranus in Aries - trine - Saturn in Sagittarius - trine - Jupiter in Leo. During the 1st phase of year from January => 17th March 2015 - it doesn't matter that life excites you by "things" - but from 17th March => 16th June 2015 and again from 18th September 2015 => December 2017 - the ONLY facet that's going to excite you is through loving relationships with other people. Haagen-Daas Chocolate IceCream or KFC fried chicken is NOT going to excite you as much as love you feel and find in all your relationships.


When Saturn entered Sagittarius - I suggested to you - that you access the POSITIVE memories in your mind - by SINGING SONGS that you sung as a child - songs that made you feel happy to be alive - try it now - and see if you feel the shift within you. Children instinctively sing - because music is an invisible positive energy that is created from nowhere and fills a person's aura - full of energy. So whether you SING in the shower, in your Automobile or in the street as you walk or jog - it will fill your aura of YOUR energy - energy you have created and generated from within you.


Although I should add - that people - who are still living in the "past" and especially in depressed negativity of the "past" - can't and won't be able to SING. The reason is because their aura is totally blocked from creating any positive energy. Such people are in fact creating their own blockages. If that happens to be YOU - then find a song you know - and SING it ! Prove to yourself that you can unblock your own aura - all the astrological energies are now on your side. So use them - and OPEN your aura to LOVE LIFE !


"Death" is an energy of contraction - therefore it's opposite - "life" - defined by whatever you LOVE - is expansion of your life. The 1st stage from January => 17th March 2015 - will ensure you find EVERYTHING you love about life - then during the 2nd stage from - 17th March => July 2015 - will mean - each and everyone will be ready to GROW and EXPAND - generated by WHOEVER you LOVE.


That doesn't mean you won't fall in love prior to March 2015 - but what it means is that after 17th March 2015 - loving "things" won't be enough - you will need to move to higher vibration of loving people - being in loving relationships with someone real. If you're passed the stage of being in a sexual relationship - then you'll still need the warmth of companionship of living in a loving relationships - and if you've never had a sexual relationships that's last more than a month - then between March 2015 => December 2017 - your destined time has arrived for the warmth and love of a loving relationship. You won't have to go searching for it either - as destiny will create the coincidences to make you OPEN to feel the warmth of others who are attracted to you.


For those of you - who need a lesson in relationships - have you ever felt the warmth and love of others as they look at you - how they stare into your eyes - they do this as they sense something special about you - and in the case of men/women - they do this because you turn-them-on - they're attracted to you without even knowing why - other than feeling a warmth being emitted from you.

Saturn in Sagittarius will now give you the ability to sense who likes you - who is attracted to your warmth and who wants "you". It doesn't matter if you're married or in a relationship OR if you've decided you never want a relationship - all that Saturn in Sagittarius knows is to turn-you-on towards everyone destiny wants to turn-you on for - and will make sure you co-create a warmth through friendship, smiles and conversation. Even if it's just a pleasant good morning smile - that too is an energy - which can brighten the day.


Saturn in Sagittarius means GROWTH and EXPANSION - therefore if you've been waiting to have children or expand your business or move home - the natural instinct to want a "family" and look after other people - will now happen - all with destined purpose to make the world a much happier place to live in. Whatever stage of life you are at - 2015 - promises to show you - how wonderful the gift of life is - as you find yourself amongst people who give you warmth and make you lucky - [especially after Jupiter in Leo goes direct on 9th April 2015].


I will add - this one comment for "readers" that say they aren't ready for or don't want love or relationships - and that is Saturn in Sagittarius - wants you to love life. If for whatever reason - you find love in Chocolate Haagen Daas ice-cream - then that is what destiny is showing you - and that's what Saturn in Sagittarius wants you love about life - so LOVE it - enjoy and love whatever does "it" for you !



Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces

Generational Change of Attitudes to Life

Although this aspect begins from December 2014 => June 2015 - it will actually become stronger from 18th September 2015 => July 2016 - and define specific generational positive change between September 2015 => July 2016. It is the energy of peace, love, tolerance and will be a strong generational energy that will destroy some bad attitudes, cults and intolerant cultures that believe "they" are the only ones entitled to life.

Saturn square Neptune will shatter the delusional and will ensure that EVERYONE sees life truthfully and clearly - that everyone on Earth has the right to life, right to love and an inherent right to peace - provided they too accept that everyone else has the right to life.


Neptune is planet of illusions - you could also say that Neptune is planet of man-made religions - and the planet to generational changes of attitude. Do you remember - how in the 60's and 70's - it was unheard of to "divorce" even if there was no love in the marriage - and now "divorce" is so acceptable - especially if there's no love in the marriage. Generational attitudes changed thanks to Neptune.


The challenge of Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces will be everything NEGATIVE - everything that wants to create boundaries on freedom - will now be crunched by Neptune in Pisces - it's focus will be on man-made intolerance - created and defined by man-made religions - the generation attitudes towards man-made do's and don't's will come under scrutiny - especially when everyone sees the truth and reality that those man-made intolerant religions are the root cause of misery in the world.


One of the dates below - "1979" when Neptune in Sagittarius squared Saturn in Virgo - created the revolution in Iran in 1979 - when people wanted change - but now - they also want change again - because they see the only way forward is change - but this time they will want a change that tolerates and accepts everyone.

Likewise all people's and countries like Cuba and North Korea that wants change - will now see that the last generations' ideas - need changing again - the key is to TOLERATE and WORK-WITH everyone - because being intolerant and exclusive only damages, destroys lives and created problems.


Meaning of "Saturn square Neptune"

Don't Listen to "their" nonsense or "their" fears

"They" lied before & "they" will continue to lie

The generational importance of outer planets of Neptune & Saturn

The process starts of non-acceptance of things that are truly "wrong", "evil" and "bad"


The outer planets of Neptune and Saturn - have a unique relationship with each other - as they ensure - you don't make any mistakes - and if you do make mistakes - you realize what the mistakes are - and ACCEPT the need for change. Both planets - want to support you and want what's best for your "future". However Neptune often deceives in order to ensure you get to your destination - because if you weren't deceived by anyone - you wouldn't have had the experiences or wouldn't have made the karmic mistakes which you then corrected.


For life is about what you do AFTER you make mistakes. People who "believe" they never make mistakes are arrogant idiots - whereas people who blame others for the mistakes - end up in stagnation - and all who take responsibility for their mistakes - wake-up to find the root cause of why we made mistakes - make the corrections and get on with life.


In "relationships" - NO-ONE is destined to be alone - but people who define their own dead-end - suffer until their realize the TRUTH - and change. Saturn square Neptune is the moment when we all wake-up to realize the TRUTH - the specific and generational TRUTHS we all need to see - to get-out of the dead-end. In fact every year there's been a Saturn-Neptune aspect - has created great changes in the world - and made the world a better place to live in.


"1979" - Neptune in Sagittarius squared Saturn in Virgo

"1989" - Neptune in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

"2000" - Neptune in Aquarius squared Saturn in Taurus

"2006" - Neptune in Aquarius opposes Saturn in Leo

"2015" - Neptune in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius


2015 will be a year of the both truthful revelations and even some BANNING of man-made religious groups who define their lives by intolerance, hatred and violence towards any other human being - including all who want to destroy the world - "2015" is their dead-end - and will be an unfolding Neptune vision of the world which will come completely true by 2020 - 2022.


Meanwhile "2015" will show all us that we all need to learn to live together - work in harmony together - and there's no place in the modern world for old outdated intolerant teachings which are EVIL and BAD. Love, peace and compassion is what the world needs - because it ensures the world is constructive and has continuity - instead of being dead-end destructive.


The "2015" - Neptune in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius defines that outdated BAD and negative things must now end - and a new way of collective acceptance - a right for everyone to live - must now be chartered for humanity. Destined events will ensure it happens.

Neptune in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius will defend the positive and good - and anyone who is bad, negative and evil - will be exposed for what they truthfully are - Neptune in Pisces is about truth within spirituality - with a deeper understanding of the DIVINE Creator of the infinite universe which man-made religions have hijacked - in order to LIE and MANIPULATE people.


Neptune in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure we all question "religions" and their "lies" in search of DIVINE TRUTH, to create the peace, tolerance and happiness that DIVINE GOD wants for everyone in the whole world.


It will be nice to see IRAN changing - as in "1979" - Neptune in Sagittarius squared Saturn in Virgo - created the Ayatollah regime - and now in "2015" - Neptune in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius - will do the opposite - liberating the youth of Iran to live in freedom - as the world will see that the Shia Iranians are actually more refined than the Sunni sects of ISIS - especially when they delete their extreme fanatic ways. Life is about moderation and acceptance of all God's creations.


And I should add that "1989" - Neptune in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn - ensured the Berlin Wall came down - and peace filled the world - as East-West understood the meaning of living harmoniously together. That too will be happening again - especially as the stubborn hard-liners will lose their power and control. It all starts with CHANGING attitudes - all of which will be created by Saturn-Neptune.


Whilst the process begins of changing attitudes in the world - the final exact date "2015" - Neptune in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius is actually 26th November 2015 - even so and just like the "Berlin Wall" was the final act - the protests in Eastern Europe to liberate themselves to be themselves - the true version of each nation - likewise too the "2015" generational change to liberate humanity of things that are "evil", "bad" and ethically "wrong" will begin when Saturn re-enters Sagittarius in September. Indeed, European nations will become nations again - as individuality of each national needs it's own individuality.



[3] August => 18th September 2015

Loyalty and commitments - The Truth

Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces

Jupiter enters Virgo on 11th August 2015 - and will create an opposition to - Neptune in Pisces in September 2015

The Jupiter in Virgo - Neptune in Pisces will continue until June 2016 - will create good luck and destroy all illusions


The 3rd Phase of the year begins when Jupiter enters Virgo on 11th August 2015 and actually extends until August 2016 - although the initial phase between 11th August and 18th September 2015 is the most important - as it immediately creates an important transference of energy and shift in your life.


I'm only going to introduce it here - briefly - in order to help readers plan "2015" - and that will be due to the fact that the non-stop activity from January => July 2015 - will take many of you on a journey - that will make you do many things quickly and illogically - even before the right "time" - simply because everything is so positive and vibrant - that you can't see the complete truth.

Now, don't get me wrong - that's not a bad thing - to have certain things hidden from you - especially when destiny is enticing you into the "future" - but if you're planning to make something "new" - specifically I'm referring to someone NEW - that's only just come into your life after 17th March 2015 - a permanent fixture of your life - then before you go-ahead planning to get married - it would be wise to wait until August - September 2015.


As the strong Jupiter in Virgo - opposing - Neptune in Pisces - which is exact on 18th September 2015 - will show you the whole truth - the complete truth - and will ensure you see the strength of commitment and loyalty they have towards the relationship with you - but will also reveal any negative side that you need to see - in order to end the "new" fickle relationship. You might say - why begin if you know it will end - the truth is - it probably won't end - but there will be NEW things you'll learn about all your relationships during Jupiter in Virgo - and only the most loyal and trustworthy of your friendships and relationships will pass the test.


You're about to see a BUSY year "2015" - opening you up to ALL relationships and creating warmth in all the people you know - you'll be so much in non-stop mode that you won't have time to "think" - like being madly in love - however in August and September - life will be testing to see who is truly loyal and good for you - thereafter 18th September 2015 - you'll be ready for 100% commitment forever and ever - because you'll know it's so right - as the relationship has proven it's strength to both of you.


The important facet to note is whilst the Saturn in Sagittarius energies will create vibrancy, excitement, warmth and love in whatever and whoever makes you feel so energized - it might be - they're just a catalyst to get your life moving - and not intended to be forever and ever. When Jupiter enters Virgo - you'll know who has been a catalyst and who is totally 100% right for you - loyal to you - and will be good to keep forever in your life. This applies to business relationships as well as personal relationships.


Although the Jupiter - Neptune opposition will begin as soon as Jupiter enters Virgo on 11th August 2015 - and will create an opposition to - Neptune in Pisces exact on 18th September 2015. The Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces will continue until June 2016 - and will create good luck in all relationships that are 100% loyal - whilst it will end and destroy all illusions that aren't loyal nor sincere to you.

The reason I've introduced it here for "2015" is to make you aware - in advance - that if someone isn't 100% honest or 100% loyal to you - you'll find out the truth by September 2015 - so enjoy the NEW relationships from March 2015 but don't make any commitments until 18th September 2015.

Even though this is a word of caution - it is clear from the astrological charts that Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces will test many relationships - the key to success of Jupiter in Virgo is to be HONEST and LOYAL - because when you're honest with the one you love and the one who loves you is honest with you - if they're truly right for you - they will want you anyway - and if they're wrong for you - then Jupiter-Neptune opposition will save you from making a big mistake. The unity you create through the bond of honesty makes two "individuals" become one unit - that indeed is what all good relationships are about and something you'll realize in 2015.


Loyalty and commitments - The Truth

Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces

Jupiter in Virgo - means down-to-earth - honest truth - loyalty


When Jupiter enters Virgo on 11th August 2015 - all the hot-air, bluff, over-exaggeration and lies - generated and which were vitally necessary during Jupiter in Leo - to get everyone's lives moving forward - will now be exposed and revealed for the real honest TRUTH that it is.


Jupiter in Virgo will be a financially successful transit and will ensure stability in the world - however - in order to have 100% stability - truths will need to be revealed. Virgo is known as a very loyal and trusting star sign - but when a Virgo senses LIES - it gets disillusioned completely about "life" - because Virgo demands the world behaves towards it as it behaves towards the world.


During Jupiter in Virgo - the world will indeed behave towards everyone the way everyone behaves towards the world. People who are selfish and take from others for themselves - will find themselves "alone" - whereas people who share and love others - will find themselves strengthening the bonds between themselves and the world. Success and stability is created through STRONG relationships with other people - but in order to create the stability - Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces will show you who you can TRUST and you can't TRUST.


Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces - let me give you a WARNING about wealth, money, stocks and shares. Real wealth is having real things - stocks and shares are pieces of paper - which according to the "hot" air of markets - go up and down - their whole value is often disguised in "words" and not in real truth. As so often - whenever theirs scandals or lies - the markets drop and stocks loose value.

That's what Jupiter in Virgo will do - show the truth - and anything that has an over inflated value - will crash down-to-earth. Therefore make your money and get-out of any speculative deals or dodgy business you have before Jupiter enters Virgo - then you'll be in a strong position to pick-up bargains after the crash.


Similarly, in relationships if someone is with you - because of what they selfishly benefit from you - without any true bond of "love" - then Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces will expose the truth - and the untrustworthy relationship will abruptly end. Hence, both this aspect and - Neptune in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius on 26th November 2015 - are both powerful generational changes - and just like the "Berlin Wall" was the final act of liberating Eastern Europe from the "lies" of communism - likewise the whole world will become liberated from "lies" - both individually and collectively. This will indeed affect all manmade religions - as spiritual truths will be revealed.




Astrological Chart for September 2015 - Saturn in Sagittarius - trines - Uranus in Aries - trines - Mars & Venus in Leo

And although Saturn squares Neptune in Pisces & Jupiter opposes Neptune in Pisces - it is all positively good

chart with thanks to


[4] 18th September => 31st December 2015

Saturn in Sagittarius - Happiness and destined stability created by relationships, people and places


After the 18th September 2015 - the magic and positive optimistic destined events you experienced between January 2015 => June 2015 returns - thanks to Saturn re-entering Sagittarius on 17th September 2015. Everything will come good - especially if you've had a bumpy, negative, stressful August - as those things you assumed were rock-solid - will be revealed to be "hot-air" deceit and lies. And/or things you thought weren't reliable - will prove themselves to be very reliable and trustworthy. This period is about strengthening the GOOD relationships you have and taking them to a new level.


On 17th September - Jupiter 8° Virgo opposes Neptune 8° Pisces

On 17th September - Saturn re-enters Sagittarius

On 25th September - Pluto goes direct in Capricorn


Thankfully the above 3 aspects will RESCUE you from anything or anyone that is not good for you in the long-term. If you remember, I warned you that Sagittarius energies are superficial - even so - the experiences are necessary in order to awaken you to get your life moving - to make you feel optimistic about life.

So don't let anything that was superficial and transient in your life - affect you. From the astrological charts of all star signs - I believe MOST of you - will indeed enjoy the fun for whatever it was - face the reality that it was just fun and move-on forward with your life.


It's a bit like your very first sexual experience - your first lover - nice and interesting - opens you soul up to the whole world of being in love with another person - but not necessarily the "right" one - you want to spend the rest of your life with - especially when you get to know them - and realize they're not all you imagined they would be.

From 18th September 2015 and until December 2017 - each and everyone - will be mature to accept "it" for whatever it is - brush off the "past" and be more than ready to embrace the next relationship, the next job, the next home or the next phase of life. This time it will be strong and good for you - you've had the trial experience - and now begins the permanent phase.


If, however, after you have heard the truth, accepted and still love everything you've learnt in August and September 2015 - then it will only strengthen your bond of love, your love of life, love of whoever and whatever you've realized is so right for you - and from now onwards the trial period will become permanent forever.


The Astrological Events of the Outer Planets in 2015

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

"2015" will ensure you use all your experiences of 2012, 2013 & 2014 - and put them all collectively to practical use in real life


Mars in 2015

No Mars Retrogrades in 2015 - Full Steam Ahead

Determination to Succeed Every Moment of Everyday of Every Month


Mars starts the year at 21° Aquarius

12th January - Mars enters Pisces

20th February - Mars enters Aries

31st March - Mars enters Taurus

12th May - Mars enters Gemini

24th June - Mars enters Cancer

8th August - Mars enters Leo

25th September - Mars enters Virgo

12th November - Mars enters Libra



Mars - the closest outer planet to Earth is considered the engine of humanity - it ensures you survive and you get the job done. It ensures you wake-up everyday and not only survive - but you become strong and confident - through habit. People who have daily routine - have created fixed Mars energies in their aura. People who have haphazard routines - are flakey Mars energies in their aura.


Are you a person who needs routine or are you a person who has no reliable daily routine. Do you know exactly where you should be and what you should be doing at specific times of the day - in which case your Mars sense of reliability defines "you". Mars is just the power and engine - but when Mars goes retrograde or when other planets aren't supportive of routine - then Mars becomes afflicted - and hence stability is affected too.


This year - 2015 - Mars moves - AND - continually keeps moving - nonstop with 100% reliable and supportive energy. If you want something - the planets will ensure you get it. And because 3 outer planets of Uranus in Aries - Saturn in Sagittarius - Jupiter in Leo - are creating a vibrancy to ensure EVERYONE creates positive change in your lives - you will become very aware that "2015" is going to be a STRONG YEAR. Defined both by routine, reliability and knowing exactly where you're going to.


So set yourself AIMS, GOALS and AMBITIONS - and focus on them - think about these goals - day and night - don't just say - you want this and that - but feel it inside you - the honest reasons WHY you want this and that in your life - and the best reason is always - because you LOVE something that you WANT so much - which means You have to LOVE "it" and WANT "it" - so find what "it" is - and set your goal - this year 2015 is an ambitious year - and you'll get it - but first you have to WANT "it" because you LOVE "it".


This isn't just superficial or materialistic - but for "life" itself - needs your spiritual soul to be enjoying life - in order for your whole aura to be glowing full of life-energy. Even the simple things like eating fried-eggs on toast - can change the energy of your aura to become happy. Do you enjoy every moment of life - or do you ignore the moments because you're thinking of negative nonsense. This year 2015 is about being POSITIVE - and to start you need to see how lucky you are to be ALIVE - as many people lost the gift of life in the past few years - LOVE LIFE - love where you're living - and love what you're doing - if you don't then set goals - of what needs changing and use the Mars energies to get want you want. Don't just say want you want - but get excited for and really WANT what you want - LOVE what you want - and in 2015 - you'll get it !


Let me add - one small and important point - and that's since 2011 - the power hasn't been on your side - because even if you wanted something - you never got "it" - however from January 2015 => May 2018 - if you want something - and if you're focused, determined and want it because you LOVE "it" - you'll get "it".

The reason you'll get the energies of wanting something is that Saturn in Sagittarius - wants you to want "it" - as Saturn wants you to want "life" - and in order to live life you have to love life - and in order to love life destiny has to give you reasons, aims, goals and ambitions for you to love "life".


Jupiter in 2015

Significant Changes both for Jupiter in Leo & Jupiter in Virgo


Jupiter starts the year at 21° retrograde in Leo

9th April - Jupiter goes direct 12° Leo

22nd June - Jupiter 20° Leo trines Uranus 20° Aries

11th August - Jupiter enters Virgo

17th September - Jupiter 8° Virgo opposes Neptune 8° Pisces

12th October - Jupiter 13° Virgo trines Pluto 13° Capricorn

Jupiter ends the year 23° Virgo


Jupiter in Leo is vibrant and alive - but it has needed to wait until Uranus went direct in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius on 22nd December 2014 - before it UNLOCKED it's true potential. Love is Life - Life is Love. The most natural and normal thing to do in the world is to LOVE. The basic instinct of every human-being is to love - it's impossible to live without loving "something" or "someone". Every man has the natural desire and ability to love every woman - and every woman has the natural desire and ability to love every man. The potential is there - but it takes the right chemistry between individuals to find true love. Even so, on a platonic level and theoretically - every man likes every women and every woman likes every man.


The blockages and resistance to LOVING someone - come because of physical chemistry, "blockages" or specific desires for "someone" with better qualities than just "everyone" else - someone specific who EXCITES you. Factors such as beauty and age - maturity and fit-for-relationship - coupled with thoughts of wanting children - will define WHO you're truly looking for and WHO is most suitable for you - at your specific phase of life - and then there's the astrological combination for making "relationships" work.

But there is NO doubt in my mind - due to the astrological energies of Mars and Venus in everyone's life - that EVERY MAN NEEDS A WOMAN and EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MAN. It's illogical, not normal nor natural to have NO-ONE. So why is it that during periods of one's life - you have no-one to love ? OR you don't feel the warmth of love.


Astrologically, in your individual chart, once you've loved - even ONCE - just ONCE - your aura resonates to a LIFE energy. Without "it" - your life is missing something of vital importance. Between January => 11th August 2015 - you're going to be "in love" with something and hopefully "in love" with someone - knowing and feeling the meaning of LIFE energy.


LOVE is the reason humanity exists and will continue to exist. On a basic level - People who hate others want others to die - people who love others want others to live. But Jupiter in Leo takes life further than just existing, living or dying - it ensures people have the ingredients to DESIRE and WANT to live - Jupiter in Leo - creates happiness, prosperity and optimism - and it does this through love in your relationships.


When you look forward optimistically to every moment of life - you look forward because of the PEOPLE in your life. Going to work to earn money to support your family, coming home to your family after a hard days work - having children, feeding and helping your children grow-up and when you wake-up desiring and looking forward to each and every moment of life - that is the energy of Jupiter in Leo - wanting and desiring to do something because of your love for others - it makes you WANT life with optimism and belief to create a better future - and life reciprocates by giving you GOOD LUCK. Depending on which phase of life you're in - Jupiter in Leo - will ensure you find NEW reasons to want to love life. It will stimulate you - like no other time before.


Jupiter in Leo - will ensure everyone comes alive - by being OPEN to the life energy that is transcending - it doesn't matter who or want will do "it" for you - because filled in the whole aura of the world is positive vibrant energies. The change will come when instead of loving everyone in a superficial nice way - after Jupiter enters Virgo is when you will focus your love on something specific and someone unique to you - with a strengthening of your loyalty and commitment to them and with it will come a new level of success and stability.



Saturn in Sagittarius in 2015

The Destiny You've Been Preparing and Waiting for ...


Saturn starts the year at 0°52' Sagittarius

15th March - Saturn goes retrograde at 4°56' Sagittarius

15th June - Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio

2nd August - Saturn goes direct at 28°17' Scorpio

16th September - Saturn re-enters Sagittarius

Saturn ends the year at 11°02' Sagittarius


As explained above and on Sun in Capricorn - Saturn in Sagittarius is creating a protective POSITIVE aura throughout the whole Universe - and is ensuring everyone sees the positive side to everything. Even negative problems from the "past" - will now be turned around - with the gift of hindsight to show you how lucky you were to have been saved from situations.

The gift of hindsight is always a blessing - especially when you realize the bigger picture - how life saved you in the past - when you thought something BAD was happening to you - it was in fact GOOD for you - "destiny saved you" - but it often takes years - to see what a blessing that BAD event was.

During Saturn in Sagittarius - especially when Saturn goes retrograde back into Scorpio between 15th June 2015 and 16th September 2015 - you'll see - with the gift of hindsight - how lucky you have been to have been saved. This "turnaround" in your mind and thoughts of inexplicable painful situations from the "past" - will in fact HEAL you - emotionally and spiritually - as you'll realize how lucky you've been.


Uranus in Aries in 2015

"Creation of a Whole New Beginning from Nothing"


Uranus starts the year at 12°37' Aries

17th March 2015 - Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn

26th July - Uranus goes retrograde at 20°30' Aries

26th December - Uranus direct at 16°34' Aries


Ever since March 2011 - Uranus in Aries has been trying to create a NEW future for everyone - unfortunately it has had to deal with the "past" - defined by Pluto in Capricorn - before it was able to move forward to the future. Thankfully, with the support of Saturn in Sagittarius in 2015 - it will be easier than ever before to have a NEW life. After March 2015 - it will feel like your memory has been and will be wiped of all the negative experiences - both beliefs you carried-over from past-lifetimes or karmic garbage your parents and teachers dumped on you or garbage you collected from your own personal experiences in this life - all of which gets wiped clean - in order for you to live for your "future" without being burdened by the "past".


On 17th March 2015 - Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn - is the final obstacle to the "Future" - and after 17th March 2015 - each and everyone will have to find the solution to the "past" before being able to enjoy the future that Uranus in Aries is defining. The good news is that from 17th March 2015 - that's the date that the "future" becomes permanent and you'll never have to go back and deal with the "past". This is not just on a personal individual level - but collectively all of humanity will find ways to overcome the obstacles of the "past" and work for a better, harmonious, happier future for everyone on Earth. Although - this thought of peace on Earth - won't please "everyone" - the astrological fact will ensure those villains of the "past" will loose all their power to interfere with the "future" after March 2015.



Neptune in Pisces in 2015

The Spiritual Purity, Brilliance and Divine Gifts of Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces is in it's natural HOME - and will continue to transcend spiritual wisdom and enlightenment for all of humanity. Neptune will be in Pisces - at the blissful "end-of-time" of "spiritual enlightenment" and hence - it has "that" feeling of arriving HOME and is in place for Eternity - well at least until 2024/2025 - which will ensure that humanity finds the spiritual and mystical answers we're all searching for.


Neptune starts the year at 5°23' direct in Pisces

12th June: Neptune goes retrograde at 9°49' Pisces

19th November: Neptune goes direct at 7°01' Pisces

Neptune ends the year at 7°31' Pisces



Pluto in Capricorn in 2015

Creates inexplicable Destined Karmic events for everyone

Pluto in Capricorn is in the perfect and right house for the end-of-time transformation of Spiritual enlightenment of humanity. Pluto has the purpose to TRANSFORM our lives from the OLD way of living into a NEW enlightened way of living.


Since 2011 - the Uranus square Pluto - had a karmic job was to DISMANTLE the OLD - whilst CONSTRUCTING the NEW. This square created problems - by creating a battle and a fight between "old" and "new" - however, from 17th March 2015 after the final Uranus square Pluto - there's no longer a battle between "old" and "new" - the "old" loses - and relinquishes control of Earth to the "new" - a destined karmic time when harmony will be created to show that you can accept the "old" - provided you take the goodness of the "old" and don't carry-over any of the negativity of the "old" - whilst pursuing the "new".


Pluto starts the year at 13°10' Capricorn

17th March 2015 - Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn

17th April: Pluto goes retrograde at 15°33' Capricorn

25th September: Pluto goes direct at 12°58' Capricorn

Pluto ends the year at 15°01' Capricorn


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם