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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"


There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you. I explain in the "Long Introduction to Moon Astrology" the basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares & the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you.


Moon Astrology explains that "Timing is Everything" - "When you do things at the right time - because you're in a good mood - you will have success" - and if you attempt to do anything when you're in a bad mood - you'll have problems. Understanding Moon Astrology and which StarSign the Moon is in - and - the Moon's positive aspects - informs you of "when that right time is for you".


Moon Astrology defines receiving the feelings that you need to feel in order to get your life right - to - become SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY with your LIFE. You weren't born to be SAD - you weren't born to be depressed - you weren't born to FAIL.


You're living in the BEST karmic generation of all time - the BEST time to be alive on Earth to be SUCCESSFUL and "GET-IT-RIGHT" is 2019 & 2020. But - in order to be 100% SUCCESSFUL - you need to be 100% certain about the way you feel. You need to see the TRUTH - and - you need to feel the TRUTH.



Saturday 7th December '19 - Moon in Aries

Waking-up to a "new" reality - Waking-up to a "new" future

Success, Excitement & Happiness because of Good people

Version #1 Audio for Saturday 7th Dec '19

Moon in Aries & Sun in Sagittarius

Version #2 Audio for Saturday 7th Dec '19

Moon in Aries & Sun in Sagittarius

Version #1 Audio for Sunday 8th Dec '19

Moon in Taurus & Sun in Sagittarius

Version #2 Audio for Sunday 8th Dec '19

Moon in Taurus & Sun in Sagittarius


It's begun - it's beginning - it's imminently going to be beginning - even more things will be beginning too - and - the way you know "it" is happening is that you're feeling "it" has changed - "it" is changing - and - those psychic readers you're seeing visions and getting exceptionally STRONG feelings of changes about to happen.


Sometimes - even though you can't see what "it" is - even though you don't know what "it" is - you can FEEL and SENSE - lots of energy around you - that is making you FEEL SOMETHING STRONG is about to happen in your life.


Many of you - will be waking-up - each and everyday - sensing SOMETHING is about to happen - and - when it does - it's makes you feel GOOD - because that SOMETHING you were feeling has made SOMETHING happen.


Moon Astrology - defines that irrespective of wherever the planets are - the Moon ensures you feel what you need to feel during the Moon transit - the Moon ensures that you get the "message" of destiny. And if you've not yet received any "message" - then - Moon in Aries on Thursday, Friday and Saturday - will ensure you get the "message".


The "message" is coming from Sun in Sagittarius - which is defining - a specific change in your life. A change in sync with destined relationships - with people who are good for you - with bond of trust - and - truth.


Which means that ANYONE who is WRONG for you - ANYONE who LIES to you - ANYONE who does NOTHING for you - you're going to realize the need to either "delete" them out-of-your-life - OR - tell them the truth of what you think of them - in order to ensure that become GOOD for you.


The GOOD news is the HUGE amount of positive energy, aliveness, happpiness and vibrancy during Moon in Aries on Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday - will be "waking-the-dead" and you'll hear from some people you thought have "died" during the next few days. People you've not heard from in a long time - will be awakened with a desire to contact you.


The essence of Sun in Sagittarius - is creating a desire - love - passion - magnetism - need for warmth - to be CONNECTED to people who make you feel wanted and needed - Moon in Aries will ensure it becomes clear who you need - who you want - who you desire - who you love - and - by 15th December 2019 - you're going to be SHOCKED and SURPRISED - by who will be contacting you - and - how strong you will be feeling your connection to them.


All the Moon in Aries squares - will be defining SHOCKS and SURPRISES - in realizing the truth - that "some" people who have been in your life - you don't want to be connected to them anymore - because - you don't trust them. Conversely - there will be people you've forgotten about - and - now you'll be wanting to talk to them.


The next 7 days - whatever the definition of - Jupiter in Capricorn - trine - Uranus in Taurus has already begun - you'll see it - feel it - know it - clearly during Moon in Aries - and - Moon in Taurus on Sunday. It's a definition of something you've been wanting - something you need - something you've been waiting for - something that is just "right" - perfect for you.


The only problem for "some" people is realizing that you can't have anything that's not your destiny to have. Instead - you will be shocked and surprised - as everything that's truly your destiny will be coming into your life - and - it will make you feel like you found "yourself" - because "it" will make you feel ALIVE and "HAPPY to be ALIVE"!


Thursday 5th December 2019

Moon 24° Pisces trines Mercury 24° Scorpio

Moon enters Aries - 8pm UK - 9pm Europe - 3pm USA EST

[Friday 1:30am India - 7am Sydney Australia]

Moon 0° Aries squares Jupiter 0° Capricorn


Friday 6th December 2019

Moon 13° Aries squares Venus 13° Capricorn

Moon 14° Aries trines Sun 14° Sagittarius


Saturday 7th December 2019

Moon 18° Aries squares Saturn 18° Capricorn

Moon 21° Aries squares Pluto 21° Capricorn


Sunday 8th December 2019

Moon enters Taurus - 7am UK - 8am Europe - 2am USA EST

12:30pm India - 6pm Sydney Australia

Moon 1° Taurus trines Jupiter 1° Capricorn

Moon 3° Taurus conjunct Uranus [retrograde] 3° Taurus


Monday 9th December 2019

Moon 13° Taurus opposes/opposes Mars 13° Scorpio

Moon 15° Taurus sextiles Neptune 15° Pisces

Moon 17° Taurus trines Venus 17° Capricorn

Moon 18° Taurus trines Saturn 18° Capricorn

Moon 21° Taurus trines Pluto 21° Capricorn


The NEGATIVE side to - Moon in Aries - will be FRUSTRATIONS - DELAYS - BLOCKAGES - with - 4 Moon squares - it will be bringing out the worst in some people - and - bringing out the best in others.


The worst types to be affected are people who a GREEDY, people who want to have "it" all, people who don't listen to others - and - people who want to be in "control" of the world. Their power has vanished due to Jupiter in Capricorn - which means - that no-one is listening to them anymore - no-one wants them anymore - and - hence - during Moon in Aries will make them ANGRY.


You see the truth is a MAJOR phase of life has ENDED. Something that's been a definition of the past 12 months - and - for many people - a definition of the past 7 years - has finally - come to a DEAD-END - and - we must all move-on with next phase of life.


Whilst many people are loving it - others are hating it. Hence, the need to explain the NEGATIVE side to Astrology - so that you're prepared to understand why "some" people will be in a VERY BAD MOOD during Moon in Aries.


All the Moon is saying is work-with destiny - work-with other people - work-with life - don't fight the changes - accept the changes. Naturally, the Moon squares will create blockages - and - delays - so if you're stuck in traffic - then it's life - listen to some music and chill-out as you're travelling !


The other NEGATIVE side to - Moon in Aries - will be the TRUTH - realizing who puts you in a BAD MOOD - and - desiring to be connected to someone who puts you in a GOOD mood. During Moon in Aries - anyone who is ARGUMENTATIVE - is a "sign" to keep-away from them.



Next Week's Audio's already done on 7th Dec

for Monday 9th => Monday 16th December 2019

Next Week is a Powerful Once-a-Lifetime Full Moon Week

Being your "Astrologer" - I felt compelled to create Next Week's Audio's in advance

So that you don't make any mistakes this week - and - so that you're prepared for what happens

Audio's - for all 12 StarSigns @ dated 7th Dec'

* Sun 16° => 23° Sagittarius

* Full Moon at 19° Gemini on Thursday 12th Dec' 2019

* Mercury 0° => 9° Sagittarius

* Venus 16° => 24° Capricorn

* Mars 13° => 17° Scorpio

* Jupiter 1°24' => 2°59' Capricorn

* Saturn 18°49' => 19°34' Capricorn

* Uranus 3°06' => 2°56' Taurus - retrograde

* Neptune 15°58' => 16°01' Pisces

* Pluto 21°40' => 21°53' Capricorn



Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th - Monday 9th December'19

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Each Friday - it's updated with 3 audio's for the "Weekly Lessons"



Audios for "Part 3 - of - Zodiac Year 2019 for Sept-Oct-Nov"

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